“Tell Me (Bixel Boys Remix)” by Golden Features feat. Nicole Millar

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I have been listening to the original of this track for quite some time now. My buddy and I singled out the vinyl rub sound in the background (of the original) that just sets the sweetest, mysterious vibe. I admit I don’t know much of the Bixel Boys, but the fact that they chose to remix Golden Features leaves me with a good impression. Not only that, but this rework impresses big time. They add a Tchami-esque, metallic square bass sound in place of the rounder hollowed out feature sound of the original. It’s tough to beat Golden Features original work which you can check out here, but the Bixel Boys banger is hard to not love. Check it out and dance your socks off!

Electric Zoo Cancels Day 3 Due To Inclement Weather

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Unfortunately, it seems as though Electric Zoo is cursed on Sundays. Last year, Electric Zoo had to cancel their final day due to two drug-related deaths. This year, the festival was called off due to inclement weather.

Storms came through and festival goers were asked to wait in covered areas on site. However, at 4:40pm, Electric Zoo cancelled the festival due to flash flood warnings and thunderstorms. For now, they’ve released a statement on their Facebook to advise festival goers with proper precautions.

PumpTheBeat.com Presents: Chill Vibes Vol. 8


For those who follow the releases of our “Chill Vibes” playlists, you probably noticed that we didn’t have a release last week. A few things that we put into consideration: We didn’t feel as though 1 week was enough time for everyone to truly enjoy our compilation. And second, it was definitely difficult to come up with an hours worth of good, solid content on a weekly basis.

Regardless of our difficulties, we are back. This week’s compilation has a little bit of everything. Some hip-hop, some pop, and everything in between. Again, always open to suggestions for the next playlist.

“Can’t Stop Playing (Oliver Heldens & Gregor Salto Remix)” by Dr Kucho! & Gregor Salto

Dr Kucho! & Gregor Salto - Can't Stop Playing (Oliver Heldens & Gregor Salto Remix) PumpTheBeat.com

Oliver Heldens has been hyping this track up for a few days now, and finally, we’re able to hear it in full. Dr. Kucho! and Grego Salto’s classic track has been revived with incredible amounts of energy. For those familiar with the original track, you probably know it as that groovy, funky, whatever you want to call it type of track. The track was full of old school synths and definitely had a groove.

Oliver Heldens’ addition adds a little bit of future house elements to it. More for the current generation to dance and party to.

Release Date: August 29, 2014 | Beatport

KiD CuDi Collapsed During Set At North Coast Music Festival

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Saturday night, at North Coast Music Festival in Chicago, KiD CuDi collapsed during his performance of “Up Up and Away.” As seen in fan footage, CuDi steps down into the photo pit for his performance and even interacted with a few fans. After signing a fan’s album, CuDi is seen falling backwards into the hands of the security on stage. Soon after, he is carried out by staff. CuDi addressed the incident through a few tweets. Tweets and fan footage are embedded below.

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“This Is How We Do (Grandtheft Remix)” by Katy Perry

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Katy Perry seems to be on the trap train. First with Brillz, and now, we’ve got a little bit of Grandtheft. Instead of focusing on the main elements of the original, the vocals, Grandtheft uses Perry’s main phrase, “This Is How We Do,” and he pretty much takes it to a whole new level.

The main focus for the remix is definitely the production. Grandtheft shows Katy Perry fans what trap is all about. With deep bass kicks, snare rolls, and even some piano sounds, the remix will keep you jamming out.

Flume: “I try to keep out of the EDM world”


Having won an impressive four awards at the ARIA Music awards of 2013, including producer of the year, Flume has been stirring the pot within the EDM world. Harley Streten has made headlines yet again- but for what seems to be a rash expression of aversion for the culture that has helped him get to where he is now. In an interview with DigitalSpy at Reading Festival, the Australian instrumentalist reveals his disconnection to the EDM world stating the following:

Commercial EDM, the crowd is f**ked up kids basically. They don’t care about the music, they want to hear one or two songs and that’s it. I prefer to play to people who actually give a s**t about the music.

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