“Jealous (I Ain’t With It) [Disciples Remix]” by Chromeo

Disciples - PumpTheBeat.com

We’ve already posted The Chainsmokers remix of this song but I thought this one was equally as great. This one is perfect for your summer playlists and the london trio, Disciples, hits the remix nail on the head. This song by Chromeo has been getting tons of remix attention but you might find this one your favorite thus far. Chromeo’s whole style reminds me a lot of the legend Romanthony. Not a bad person to be compared to. Nice work!

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“I Can’t Keep Up (Vancington Remix)” by Tourist & Will Heard

Vancington - PumpTheBeat.comHere’s an artist you guys probably haven’t heard of yet that you should probably keep track of. Vancington is a kid from Louisville in the United States that’s rising up in the electronic-dance game. His remix below od Tourist’s “I Can’t Keep Up” is magical and I think you guys will really like it. “Will Heard provides the lyrics and with the groovy twist Vancington adds it’s a real hit. Hopefully we hear more from him in the future as we know he’s got some talent to share with the world. Not sure if that’s him in the picture above but it was one of the cover arts to one of his songs. Sick shirt tho.

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“Float” by Kill Paris

Kill Paris - PumpTheBeat.com

This weekend marks the start to the second annual Counter.Point Music Festival in northern Georgia. While TomorrowWorld may have bought their prime location in Chattahoochee Hills, they still are going hard this year and have recruited an impressive line-up. We’ll have more for you about the festival and it’s line-up soon. One of the artists they’ve brought in this year is Boulder, CO native Kill Paris. Kill Paris has hit us with some impressive melodic dubstep tracks and I really think people overlook him. Next Tuesday he’s coming out with an EP called Foreplay that should be pretty awesome. Below are two tracks you can preview that I think are equally great but different at the same time. I would also go look through his SoundCloud and our site for tracks you haven’t heard before.

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“Talk About It” by Erik Hassle

Talk About It - pumpthebeat.com

So if you’re in the mood for some rainy day sex music then this right here will be your cup of tea. With a solid ground of low end bass and some soothing male vocals, this track will put you in the mood if you aren’t already. Grab your lady, sit her down on your bed/couch, light some candles and put this track on. You could also support a homie and download the track before all of that.

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“Shine (Kygo Remix)” by Benjamin Francis Leftwich


It doesn’t seem like DJ’s will be letting up with Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s album Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm anytime soon. I’ve probably heard about ten different remixes off of this album, especially recently, but I definitely can’t complain about it. His talented mellow vocals go almost too well with a tropical house sound, to the point where I wonder why his tracks weren’t made this way to begin with. Here Kygo took on his song “Shine” and gave it his signature tropical house sound that all of you fans out there will enjoy. It’s the second free remix he released to thank us for helping him reach over 200k likes on his Facebook page and his remix to Syn Cole’s “Miami 82” getting signed by Avicii’s label LE7ELS. If you missed his incredible remix to M83’s “Wait,” you can check it out here.

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“Tremor (Sensation 2014 Anthem)” by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & Martin Garrix

tremor dimitris vegas and like mike martin garrix pumpthebeat.com

If you’ve been to any festival in the past year, you’ve probably heard this one. Massive tracks by both artists on the release. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, massive names in the big room house game, and have been killing it with the releases. Even better, these guys have been on point with collaborating with new talent. One of these guys happen to be big room house prodigy, Martin Garrix. This track also happens to be the anthem for Sensation 2014, so you’ll probably be hearing this way more than you have been already. Enjoy this massive track!

Release Date: April 21, 2014 | Beatport

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