“Orion (Victor Niglio ft. Hype Turner Remix)” by DallasK


This track has finally gotten a well deserved trap remix, and who better to give it that touch up than good ole Victor Niglio. The extremely talented Hype Turner lent his vocals for an original verse in the 2nd break, which really gives this remix a life of its own. Niglio & Turners recent work together has been great, so it’s awesome to see them continuing to team up. Go grab the free download. Fun fact: this is Niglio’s first trap remix since his infamous remix of ‘Animals’!

Hartdstyle Event Qlimax Releases Insane Event Footage

On November 22, Qlimax took over the Gelredome, a soccer stadium located in the Netherlands. In this stadium, over 30,000 Q-Dance fans came to party alongside the best of the best in the genre.

Qlimax is Q-Dance’s longest running event and is an event known for its incredible production. After watching all 8 minutes and 30 seconds of the video, I can definitely understand why. From synced pyrotechnics to amazing lights, the┬áspecial effects are incredible. Q-Dance seems to still be more of an underground genre here in the States, but in Netherlands, it’s as large as ever. If you’re looking to be blown away, watch the entire video embedded above.

“Promise (BlondeLogic Flip)” by Ciara

Who doesn’t love a little Ciara on their playlist? This smooth R&B jam has been given a funky, wavy remix that perfectly accompanies Mrs. Future’s “Promise”. Some reverbed vocals bring in the kick drum quickly followed by a crisp breakdown of snaps, piano chords, and Ciara “looking for somebody to talk to.” BlondeLogic works wonders with the filters on his instruments, lays some irresistibly groovy bass riffs, and flips this track into a Future Bass feature.

“Joker” by Tincup

Cue the intense rap lyrics. Cue the filthy trap drops. Yep, definitely a Tincup track. If you’re new to this artist then you may be unfamiliar with how hard-hitting his beats are. This song, “Joker” is a perfect example. He starts the song out with a progressive beat with enough bass to shake the room. Layering on a few aggressive bars, he’s got you anxiously waiting for the drop. Brace yourself for this one boys and girls. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride. But don’t worry too much. Just press play and let the music take control.

Spring Awakening sets age requirement to 18+ [2015]


React Presents, the promotion company behind SAMF, felt the need to change their rules around for the fests 2015 return to its home at the legendary Soldier Field. Since it’s inaugural year (2012), the event was all-ages. But as of today, after an email to all their subscribers and a tweet from their official Twitter account, festival attendees must be 18 years or older.

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“Kayne (Ayo Alex Remix)” by The Chainsmokers

Ayo Alex PumpTheBeat.com

I’ve been waiting for someone to take advantage of the euphoric vocals present in The Chainsmoker’s track, Kayne, for a while now. Finally, Ayo Alex has done exactly that. This remix begins with some vocal shots, a kick, and a clap, getting your ears warmed up for what is to come. Building the groove a little more, the artist introduces a melody produced by a bass heavy, rumbling sound. Now that the stage is set, he adds those Kayne vocals we’ve all known to love, pairing them with a drawn out piano riff that makes you feel the music even more. From here on out, you’re hooked. Take a listen below. You’ll have this track stuck on repeat for the rest of the day.