“Skybreaker” by Razihel

skybreaker razihel pumpthebeat.com

Another banger from team Monstercat. Razihel produces a dubstep track that will lay down a heavy assault on your ears. If you’re looking for heavy dubstep, this track is for you. But, like I always say, it’s important for dubstep to not just be a bunch of smashed synths.

Fortunately, Razihel takes this into consideration and adds a melodic element to the track. Once the melody ends, the drops are where the track really takes off. The chopped up synth progression gives the track the extra boost of energy that it needs.

Released: August 1, 2014 | Bandcamp | Beatport | iTunes

“Begin Again (Thero Remix)” by Noosa

thero begin again pumpthebeat.com

Clearly, we can’t get enough of those chill vibes. Don’t really see anything wrong with with that, so I’m sharing another brand new remix by Thero. Thero’s been all over the board with remixes from progressive house to more minimal ambient remixes.

Now, he’s seem to found his sound in tropical house. Utilizing the sax synth to carry the groove all the way to the end. Insanely chill and will definitely get you relaxed. Here’s to the weekend!

WKND MZK – “Right Now”


So last week’s playlist seemed to do alright so why not take another shot at it. I put these together so that you all can get a different taste of what’s out there. Songs can be interpreted and felt much differently depending on thousands of variations. With what I have for you below, maybe it will make you feel some type of way. Right Now.

Event: Electric Zoo @ Randall’s Island Park, NYC (Aug. 29-31)

ezoo pumpthebeat.com

Electric Zoo will be returning to Randall’s Island Park for its sixth year on Labor Day Weekend starting on August 29 and ending August 31. If you’re a New Yorker or are from the surrounding areas, this festival is your go-to in terms of dance music.

Festival season, currently, is at its height and shows will consistently be announced. Think of Electric Zoo as a way to wrap up your exciting summer and as a send off for summer, which will soon be back next year.

Made Event, the company behind Electric Zoo, will be bringing back their Main Stage East and Main Stage West. Not only will Electric Zoo offer two main stages, but they will also offer many other state-of-the-art tents such as the Hilltop Arena, Beatport Riverside, and the underground tent, Sunday School.

Electric Zoo, through Mixcloud, have released weekly mixes for you to stay busy until the week of the festival. Let us know if you’ll be there!

Electric Zoo Countdown Mixes | Buy Tickets

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Flume Releases Recap From His Three Sold Out Shows In New York

Were you able to attend the epic three day spree that was Flume? We were, and so did thousands of Flume fans. The 22 year old producer came to New York City and crushed every performance at Terminal 5 in Hell’s Kitchen.

With every show, there were different openers. On the second day, when we were able to attend, GoldLink opened for Flume, which brought together a diverse array of music. From hip-hop to Flume’s ambient tracks, concertgoers pretty much got everything.

Through this recap video, you get to see the pre-show and post-show setups. Flume also commentates on a few things, such as his thoughts about New York City. He mentioned that he could live in Brooklyn, so I guess we’ll have to just hope that he’ll follow up on that.

The most amazing part of the footage, besides the concerts, was probably the planning of the Pokemon cards. Come on, who else has shot Pokemon cards in the card. Only Flume…

“How We Party” by R3HAB & VINAI

r3hab vinai how we party pumpthebeat.com

The Italian duo, VINAI, is back with another massive collaboration. If you didn’t guess already, they’re out with another big room track to get the crowd going.

R3HAB, one of the leaders in the festival house game, is the other artist featured on the track. Like VINAI’s most recent track “Raveology,” we get a little bit of a Melbourne Bounce vibe in this one.

Release Date: August 1, 2014 | Beatport

“Ultraviolence (The Penelopes Remix)” by Lana Del Rey


The Penelopes have remixed Lana Del Rey’s track “Ultraviolence.” They added a house uptempo vibe to the track. The disco touch they added puts a nice twist to go along with Lana’s smooth voice. Lana is extremely talented and I love when her songs get remixed. Cedric Gervais killed the “Summertime Sadness” remix and Zhu’s “West Coast” remix is phenomenal. I love what the band from Paris did with this track and I’m excited to see them on the come up!

Release Date: July 23, 2014