“Actors (Dinnerdate Remix)” by Still Parade

Thank God this song just hit my inbox. This is sheer electronic bliss. German newcomer Dinnerdate has put up some impressive numbers on music billboards over the past year. Can’t wait to go through more of his SoundCloud.

In terms of the track, the original “Actors” by Still Parade plays like a Bon Iver song. Alone, it’s beautiful but Dinnerdate just adds a melodic beat to it to attract some more ears and we thank him. Thank you Dinnerdate. The song also reminds me a lot of José González’s song “Stay Alive”. I love that song. Dinner date actually has a remix of one of José’s songs. Told ya. Must listen you won’t be disappointed.

Dinnerdate is also getting ready to release a bunch of originals. Like what you hear? Stay tuned.

The String Cheese Incident’s Suwannee Hulaween [Oct. 31st - Nov. 2nd in Live Oak, FL]

Suwannee Hulaween - pumpthebeat.com

In a week all music fans should find themselves ready to embrace a full Halloween’s Night of music. Whether you’re on the west coast, east coast, or somewhere between, infant of a small venue or a massive one, it’s gonna be a fun night. The String Cheese Incident introduces Suwannee Hulaween for the second year to bring a huge line-up to Live Oak, Florida.  Just from the poster alone, you can tell it’s a 3 day festival based on spiritual, artistic, and of course musical, magnificence. Need more convincing? Here’s a teaser trailer to highlight this unique event. Definitely different from what we usually post but good music is all about variety.

Suwannee Hulaween Official Website

“Tiger Style” by Styles&Complete

Styles&Complete "Tigerstyle" - pumpthbeat.com

Coined as kung-fu bass, “Tiger Style” is Styles&Complete‘s new massive single which dropped on Buygore. Styles & Complete have been trailblazing their way into the trap scene, and this track is sufficient proof. With razor sharp highs and pounding bass,  you’re sure to hear your favorite DJ’s drop this at a show. This track has the potential and flexibility to be played at a smaller venue, while also being potent at a festival. If Styles&Complete caught your attention, you can click here to hear their newest mix “The Hour of Power Round 6″.

“I Know” by Mayo (Prod. by Dpat)

On point intro and some great production lay out the foundation for Mayo to come through on this new song called “I Know”. Can’t talk enough about how far this kid has come. Great to see. We’ve been covering him for awhile now.

You may not realize it but Mayo’s been working with some dope producers like Dpat and Mr. Carmack. Check out his SoundCloud to see what he’s been working on. Happy Birthday Mayo!

“God blessed me with another year, a nigga twenty now so I can hurdle all my fucking fears”

Spread the Mayo

WKND MZK: “This Idea”

This Idea WKND MZK - pumpthebeat.com

Going on six I think. Ever since Voyager the story has been very different. This playlist is little softer and maybe a bit more stimulating. While these are most of the songs I’m listening to, I hope you all find the same tranquility as I do.

Best part about this playlist is you can take one artist and dig into their SoundCloud and get lost within their music for hours. I stirred away from the largely played songs and pulled a lot of these from mixes and random sources. Hope they bring you to this idea.

Previous Mix: It’s Very Simple

“One Touch (VIP RMX)” by Baauer & AlunaGeorge

Awhile ago, Baauer was featured in RedBull magazine to explain to his fancies what he’s been up to and why we haven’t heard much from him for long periods of time. The “Harlem Shake” phenom has been searching the globe for a uniqueness to his next album. Explained in the article and previewed in the trailer above to his 30 minute documentary, you can see that Baauer is moved on from his YouTube hit.

“One Touch” is the first taste of the debut album we get and with English duo AlunaGeorge. What do you think? A new Baauer?

Searching for Sound Documentary – November 6th, 2014

Event: Future Music Festival [Touring Austrailia - Summer 2015]

Future Music Festival - pumpthebeat.com

Now before you get mad that I’m covering an event all the way across the Pacific, chill. It’s all relative and who knows, maybe you’re planning to go abroad or just saying fuck it and end up over there next summer. Basically, if you are ‘down under’. Go to one of these shows. And that’s the part that’s unique; this festival tours nationwide!

Future Music Festival landed tons of great names for the first round of their line-up release. Not only are there some great headliners, but I think the gems are in the smaller print. Artists like Gorgon City, Klingande, and Robin Schulz should be a treat to see. Obviously Australia is going to swarm to these shows to see Drake for the first time but for just a piece of their line-up, this is pretty impressive.

Lots of love to the native artists too. Make sure to skim their website for all the info such as dates and locations. Watch the announcement video here.

Tickets On Sale October 30th