Jay Kurahashi-Sofue (Jay K-S) | Indiana University – Bloomington | Editor-In-Chief

If you’ve been with the site since it was founded in June 2010, you’re amazing. Honestly, as I sit here writing this brief little bio, it’s amazing to see how much this site has grown. Yes, we’ve had our ups and downs, but without people consistently reading our site, all of our work would be for nothing. But, anyways, here’s a little about me. I’m Jay. I love EDM, and luckily for me, I get to listen to it every day as my “job.” Of course, I also dabble in a ton of other genres, but for the past 4 years now, EDM has been my life. My all time favorite EDM act is Knife Party, and of course, there are close contenders (Porter Robinson, deadmau5, Tiesto). I’m currently a Junior at Indiana University – Bloomington and am in the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. I don’t really know where this site will be in the next couple of years, but I definitely plan on putting my all into it. Again, thanks for sticking around!

Shayne Bingham (#91) | Miami University | Managing Editor

Hey guys, my name is Shayne and I’m from Cleveland, OH. As a huge music fan, I enjoy sharing my passion with you guys and giving you the best music around to bump through your speakers. One of the best feelings is when someone asks you for a song you just played or asking where did I get a track; it’s what I live for on this site and I’ve been doing it for a long time now. Like Jay, I’ve been around since the beginning and hope to take this operation we got goin’ on over here to new levels. Stick around and thanks for listening. Without you there would be no point. I write mostly about the hip hop game but definitely try and cover everything out there. I support all music. YMCMB. TGOD. G.O.O.D. Music. OVO and that XO. Aftermath. G-Unit. MMG. Play it loud – Pump The Beat

Ryan Huhne (RH_914) | Western New England College | Head of Social Media

My name is Ryan. I joined the PTB team in the fall of 2012 as a writer, now a year later I am keeping our fans updated with the latest news, music, and concert reviews through our various social media channels. I have loved music all my life and never go a day without listening. My main music interests are in EDM & Hip-Hop. One truly special thing about PTB is the attention and coverage that we give up & coming artists compared to most sites who focus on the most popular artists. If I had to pick a favorite musical act at the moment, I would choose Timeflies. I have been following the guys since they had a few hundred fans back in 2010, and have had the pleasure of watching them grow as artists and see their dreams become reality.

Keenan Mitchell (Mitch) | SUNY Albany | Content Writer

My name is Keenan, but you can call me Mitch. And ever since I discovered Electronic Dance Music, my life has been significantly better. Since the days of “Myspace” I have been an avid listener of House music and now the other genres that have blossomed within our EDM world. I love to listen to all types of music from old to new, but I know Dance Music is here to stay and will only get stronger. I believe it’s going to be a staple of our generation, which is one of the reasons I got involved with PTB. Also, I frequent many shows, events, and clubs so stay tuned for some cool reviews and pictures.

Jesse Mosello (Jmosello) | University of Vermont | Content Writer

Hey guys, my name is Jesse and I’m a Junior at the University of Vermont, where I’m studying Public Communication and Entrepreneurship. Music has always been my greatest passion in life, which is why a career in the music business has been a long-term dream of mine. My friends constantly ask me to make them cd’s with my new music, which is the reason why I got into blogging. Discovering new music is one of my favorite things to do, so I figured I should help others discover good music by posting new songs that I come across on PumpTheBeat. I listen to a wide variety of genres, but my favorites are definitely hip-hop and electronic. I’m pretty new to this site and I think it’s amazing how much you all have helped it grow over the past few years. Keep on doing what you’re doing and go ahead and Pump The Beat!

Joshua Lee (JxCxL) | Northwestern University | Content Writer

Like many others, music has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. From playing various instruments as a kid, to going to my favorite artists shows, music has become an integral part of my daily life. What makes music so amazing to me is sharing it with others, and that’s why I started writing for PumpTheBeat in early 2013. My name is Josh, and I was born and raised in central Jersey. After graduating High School, I moved to Chicago to study and experience a different musical environment. Over the years, my musical tastes have grown tremendously. Even though I generally post hip-hop and EDM, I love alternative & indie rock, post-hardcore, pop, and much more. I hope you guys all enjoy the music I have, and will, post on PumpTheBeat.

Aasheesh Paliwal (ShiShi) | Content Writer

What’s good everyone, my name is Aasheesh and I’m currently based in NYC.  Music has been a part of my life for as long as I care to remember and my tastes have taken on a lot of permutations, from Led Zeppelin to Guns N Roses to Kanye to RHCP to Avicii to Diplo.  I don’t think there are too many types of music out there that I can’t appreciate on some level, but these days I am completely consumed with electronic music.  On a personal level, I am blown away by the endless creative potential for musicality and sound design that electronic music affords to anyone out there with an artistic vision.  On a cultural level, I believe that this is our generation’s music, and never before has the ability to make it, share it and experience it been more accessible to the masses.  Enter Pump The Beat: I started out as a fan and regular visitor, and I couldn’t be more excited to now be helping out with the cause.  Here’s to keeping it fresh.


Matt Stevens (RMS11) | Stanford University | Content Writer

I’ve been around the PTB scene for quite some while, way back in 2010. After a brief hiatus I am back and with a bit of a different taste. Born and raised in New York, I now go to school around San Francisco. Finding new music is my one of my favorite hobbies, second only to live DJ sets. Nothing in life beats a great show, a contagious groove, and a permanent smile. I listen to mostly the more alternative sub genres of electronic music, but I love a bit of everything. Throw in some Danny Brown or some Alt-J and we’re all good. I try to write up stuff that I love, but that I also hope will lead you to open your ears to new sounds and new genres that deserve a wider audience. Keep on grooving fellas and I hope you enjoy what we have to show you!