“King Of The Fall” by The Weeknd

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After a surprising release of “Often” a couple weeks ago, Abel astonishes his fans with another supreme release called “Kind Of The Fall”. While the song samples more of his versatility than his amazing voice, the song is another work of greatness from the XO artist. The Weeknd has a tour with ScHoolboy Q & Jhené Aiko coming up, yup you guessed it, this fall. I don’t really approve of ScHoolboy & Aiko touring with him as I think they don’t complement him very well but we’ll see. Either way, if Abel keeps putting out stuff like this then who cares who performs before him. All about that OVO and that XO. He’s come a long way from this.

“2AM (Offset Noize & Stravy Remix)” by Alekz Johnson ft. Jeen O’Brien

Two producers out of Chicago reached out to me the other day about their new remix of “2AM”. Immediately, I was not only impressed by the song itself but by the song selection. “2AM” is a song that hasn’t had much attention and to get people to listen to a remix of something people don’t recognize is tough. Posting this, you know that we liked what we heard and we think you will too. Offset Noize and Stravy take this practically unknown song and turn it into a mind-racer and the seductiveness of the vocals pull at the imagination. There isn’t much out yet from these two but check out their SoundClouds and show them some support:

“2AM (Offset Noize & Stravy Remix)” by Alekz Johnson ft. Jeen O’Brien

EP: “No More” by Shlohmo & Jeremih

No More - Jeremih Shlohmo - pumpthebeat.com

Back in February, we got another peek at the two kings of smooth: LA producer Shlohmo and R&B musician Jeremih.“No More” was just the tip of the iceberg and we knew there was more in store. I didn’t think anyone expected anything quite this good. But when you get two artists who specialize in the late night sounds of sex and pleasure than you get this. No More features 6 songs that are easily some of the best collaborative pieces I’ve heard lately. There is one song with Chance The Rapper but other than that, it’s just Shlohmo and Jeremih doing what they do best.

The EP was released yesterday for Jeremih’s birthday and it’s free to download off of Shlohmo’s label’s website, WEDIDIT. If the hour’s late, than you know where to press play. Is it R&B? Is it EDM? Neither.

Release Date: July 17th, 2014

Shlohmo’s SoundCloud  ||  Download No More EP  ||  Jeremih’s SoundCloud

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“In Too Deep (Kasum Remix)” by Sum 41

Kasum has proved the music world that he can take classics and bring them back to life. After his “Ocean’s Avenue” remix, he tries his luck again at Sum 41′s “In Too Deep”. I love these early 2000 punk songs. Now all we need is a remake of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers… Well done Kasum.

“Views From The 6″ Will Be The Title Of Drake’s Next Album – Spring 2015?

Views From The Six by Drake - PumpTheBeat.com

For a moment the clouds of Weezy Season have subsided and OVO Season seems to be in full effect. The man with the hottest hand in hop hop influences much more than he thinks and he’s already selected the name of his next album and a possible sign of the release. Views From The 6 - an idea that came from his buddy Jimmy (From The 6). The name is a metaphor to the shared integer in Toronto’s area codes (416 & 647). His schedule over the next few months is quite impressive and in the end, I hope it finishes with him working on his fourth studio album. It has potential to be the best yet as we’ve obviously seen a tremendous progression across Thank Me Later – Take Care – Nothing Was The Same. 

So what’s next? Well, tonight he’s hosting the ESPYS and who knows what that will bring with his tremendous love and interaction with sports and most importantly, the influence he has on all kinds of athletes… Nick Kyrgios. Thot. Much more after the jump:

OVO Sound

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