“Outside” by Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding

Calvin Harris blessed us again with another crazy release. Kind of scared he’ll release the entire album at this rate. There’s already at least five or so singles out with “Under Control”, “Summer”, “Blame”, “Burnin'”, and the latest, “Slow Acid”. His last album seemed to have some hidden gems so we’ll see what he leaves us with.

“I Need Your Love” brought these two together and seemed flawless to the world. But do these two songs sound too similar? Album is released on November 4th and should be impressive. Until then, here’s “Outside”!

Release Date: October 20th, 2014  |  iTunes

Video: “Tuesday Remix” by iLoveMakonnen & Drake + “How About Now” by Drake

Drake’s been busy lately. I really couldn’t tell you what he was thinking in Kentucky the other night but musically, he’s all there. His newest signee, iLoveMakonnen, has one of the hottest songs out anywhere and here’s the video for it. Sporting the entire OVO crew and real life, get the club goin’ up.

iLoveMakonnen is a weird kid but I think Drake will help his music evolve. That doll creeps me out tho. Oh, and a new song from Drizzy called “How About Now” leaked. Not sure if it’s a new song from his album or a track cut from Nothing Was The Same. 

Recently, The Weeknd‘s newest singles both got tied up in remixes that I thought you all should hear. Not all that great but you really can’t do much better than The Weekend on his own. Ty Dolla $ign’s verse in the “King Of The Fall Remix” is gold but the rest definitely get’s the skip button. We need more Abel.

Documentary: “The WORLDS Tour” by Porter Robinson [Pt. II]

For those of you still not convinced, the clock is ticking. Porter Robinson recently had to cancel a bunch of shows in Europe because of the size of the venues. He rather spend his own money to pass up on concert opportunities to make sure his WORLDS show is done right. Strictly upholds that he wants it to be something he’s proud of. Right on brotha.

Only a few shows left and we thought it was amazing. I would definitely go again and again if I was in the area. Check out the second part to his WORLDS Documentary. Hopefully he’ll make some sort of full recorded piece of the show. You can see the first part after the jump and search our site for even more about Porter!

We also thought the openers, especially Giraffage, we’re exceptional. Definitely complemented Porter’s performance and got the crowd ready.

Tickets to The WORLDS Tour

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“Imperium” by Madeon

"Imperium" by Madeon - pumpthebeat.com

Been over six months since we’ve heard anything from this kid. This is a great release that we hope has future implications. An album possibly? He had a little tour through August and September so maybe he’s getting ready to release some more material. For now, we get “Imperium” which is a hard hitting reassurance that Madeon isn’t going anywhere. Madeon offers the song up for free download via one of his little games again. It’s easy this time don’t worry.

WKND MZK: “It’s Very Simple”

"It's very simple" - pumpthebeat.com

This week was a difficult one in finding the right songs to fill this playlist. Hopefully you all find use of these. Seems like the line drawn between good music and music that is down right horrible is becoming more and more blurred these days. But what makes music ‘good’ be definition. That, my friend, is not set something set in stone.

Dillon Francis released his remix to “Some Chords” yesterday that will be on deadmau5 5 Years of Mau5 remix album coming soon. Make sure you check out the crazy “Work” remix. Pure festival shit. Should not have overlooked that Minnesota remix. Beyond that, it’s all over the place. Love the weekend.


Documentary: “808” [Trailer - Coming 2015]

You Know Films and Atlantic Records are putting together an interesting film about the influential 808 drum machine. The Roland TR-808 is a programmable drum instrument that changed the face of music all around the world. With such a huge impact on all types of music, you know the producers had to recruit some serious talent to appear in the film. Get ready to see legends like Phil Collins, Fatboy Slim, Rick Rubin, Questlove, Diplo and more talk about the distinct sound of this instrument.

The film is set for sometime 2015 and it looks like a soundtrack will accompany it too.

“Making a documentary about a drum machine, a piece of electronic equipment, is an interesting challenge. It has no voice of its own, so as a protagonist it’s rather difficult to mold a story around. 808 has really been a journey of discovery for me. One that led myself and the team to meet over 50 musicians and artists from all around the world, hearing their personal stories about the 808 and the music they created using its iconic sounds. Those artists and musicians are the real protagonists of the film and the 808, in the hands of our contributors, would change music forever.” – Director, Alexander Dunn

Official Website

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