Mix: Diplo’s 2 Hour Tribute to Hip Hop Month

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No friends, just Diplo, a microphone, and his turntables. For his BBC Radio show, Diplo stopped by and dropped a 2 hour mix full of old school hip hop. For those of you who love the classics, Biggie, Pac, Nas, De La Soul, Beastie Boyz, N.W.A., and many more, than this is a mix you can’t pass up.

Diplo & Friends had Hudson Mohawke come through with a mix for hip hop month earlier and now Diplo closes out the month with this. Been boppin’ my head for the last 30 straight minutes. This is money. List of the songs played here.

Video: “It Girl” by Pharrell Williams

You’ve never seen anything quite like this before. This video is thoroughly entertaining and makes the song really stand out. From the mind of Takashi Murakami, the man who brought you the illustrations to Kanye West’s Graduation album, here is Pharrell Williams video to the song “It Girl”.

Pharrell has always been one to test the boundaries and he really expresses collaborative art to the absolute finesse point here. The video shows all kinds of anime and I love it when the animated Skateboard P comes through. Awesome job. Get more from Pharrell’s new album G I R L here on iTunes.

EP: “Chimes” by Hudson Mohawke

"Chimes" by Hudson Mohawke - pumpthebeat.com

Almost slipped under my radar but couldn’t forget to post this. Hudson Mohawke released his new EP Monday titled Chimes. It’s a short EP but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth listening to. Of course we all know the “Chimes” song from the Apple commercial or whatever but that doesn’t take away from any of it’s brilliance and we still haven’t really gotten the G.O.O.D. song…

While I like this EP, Hudson has a lot more to offer and I still think he’s got a lot of material he hasn’t released. Hudson has played “Chimes” at various venues with Future and Pusha T over it. That’s what we really want but where is it? I thought for sure it would be on this EP. Don’t forget this was one of the producers behind “Blood On The Leaves” and also helped Drake with “Connect”. Come on Hudson.

We still might get something today since Chimes was originally set to release on the 30th.

Release Date: September 29th, 2014  |  iTunes

Bacardí Triangle: Win a Trip to Mysterious Party in the Bermuda Triangle for Halloween

This Halloween, you could be partying in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle with up to three of your friends watching some of the best artists perform in what is supposed to be a party of biblical proportions. All I can figure out right now is that you go to their Pandora station and then somehow enter…

Bacardí will fly out almost 2,000 applicants in 3 jumbo jets to party from October 30th to November 2nd. Winners will stay in the Waldorf Astoria El Conquistador resort in Puerto Rico and will enjoy poolside and beach parties with musical guests selected by Bacardí. On the final night, winners will o to this mysterious island somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle (illuminati) and I believe see Kendrick, Goulding, & Calvin Harris.

That’s all for now but we’ll definitely keep you updated on how to win your spot for this awesome opportunity!

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“Boss Mode” by Knife Party

knife party boss mode pumpthebeat.com

After a leak of this track, the duo decided to let this one out after all. Didn’t want the leak to decrease the image of the new album with it’s bad quality so they released it for everyone to hear. “Boss Mode” definitely has that Knife Party rage-type feel with maybe a little more trap injected in it. Abandon Ship still set for the October 27th release date. You can pre-order it now.

Knife Party has their epic show, BOO!, coming up on Halloween Night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY and will also be headlining one of the cruises for Holy Ship!!!! in January. For anyone in Australia, I think they’re headed back your way.

Listen to “Resistance” and “Begin Again” from Abandon Ship and more after the jump!

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Deadmau5 Announces Remix EP – “5 Years of Mau5″ – Entropy Tour Coming 2015

Five Years of Mau5 - pumpthebeat.com

With everything going on with Deadmau5 lately, I did not expect more material from him anytime soon. After his release of his double album, while (1<2)looks like we’ll be getting a retrospective remix EP featuring some of the most promising artists in the works right now. Here’s exactly what he said about the release on his website.

coming real soon. 5 years of mau5. remixes by chuckie, dillon francis, nero, eric pryds, nero, madeon, pig n dan, botnik and more :)

On another note, we have some puzzling videos to look at that you all should be really excited about. Entropy, is a physics term used to describe disorder. It’s the name of Joel’s 360 arena tour that he’s been working on for years now. Just been waiting for the technology to catch up. Eyes open for 2015. If you want to stay up-to-date, I would suggest logging into his website and subscribing (paying). He releases new music, videos, news and all kinds of unreleased stuff all the time.

Think he has a chance against Disney? Shoutout to the kid who put together the Mickey Mouse with the Mau5 head at TomorrowWorld. Classic.

deadmau5 live

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“Triumph” by WRLD

I feel confident in saying that we could do much better covering the artists and releases that come out of the Monstercat family. Today I got to hear “Triumph” by an artist called WRLD. I loved everything I heard from this song and it was really beautiful. This 16-year-old reminds me a lot of Madeon when he was a young lad (still is). Bright bright future and the song is Grade A.

Monstercat also puts together podcasts like most record labels do and they too are pretty fucking awesome. Put it down below so check it out if you got the time. #28 is the latest.