Album: “1st Bath” by Avid Dancer

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

It’s interesting to hear how certain genres transform generation to generation. In recent years innovative artists are testing the waters by incorporating elements of oldies and modern technology unifying the past and the present. The psychedelic rock genre is making a prodigious come back.

Rudimental snare drumming world champion Jacob Summers released his debut album today. The ex-Marine uses bass grooves and shimmering guitar licks to drive his album. The Doors-like keyboard fully suites the charismatic 60’s sounding album. His ability to experiment with different styles provokes interest throughout the LP’s entirety.There is no dull moment. “All The Other Girls” and “Stop Playing With My Heart” start the album on fire. He flawlessly slows down the pace with acoustic tunes “I Told You So” and “Why Did I leave You Behind”. Overall, 1st Bath is genuine and hopefully only an appetizer of what is to come from Avid Dancer.

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Album: “Carrie & Lowell” by Sufjan Stevens


One of the most fascinating occurrences in the music world is the evolution of an artist over the course of their musical journey. Their experiences, informal education, and experimentation help shape a new sound with every recording they produce. Sufjan Stevens is no exception to this fact. With the exclusion of his electronic phase, Steven’s “sound” may seem fairly linear to the unfamiliar listener. But it is his lyricism and the topics he touches on that show his true maturity.

With his most recent release Carrie and Lowell, Stevens somehow provides candor with analogy in a raw and familiar way. Rooting from the death of his mother (Carrie), Stevens puts lessons he’s learned both from and about the past into art. In “Should Have Known Better” he sings “The past is still the past / A bridge to nowhere,” digressing on how he has learned to not dwell in what has happened but move on to the worthwhile.

All in all, there is no doubt Stevens has created something monumental. The sound comes off as nothing new from the beginnings of folk rock, but what is buried deep inside is something natural yet powerful.

“Flight Facilities (Lido Remix)” by Two Bodies ft. Emma Louise

Two Bodies-ft Emma Louise-Lido Remix-Flight

After one listen, you can deduct that it’s these type of vocals that can clean the mess from anyone’s head. By stripping the original beat almost entirely, Lido re structures the 6 minute song into a short but incredibly tranquil track. Looking past the brevity of this remix, it’s the minimality that justifies the common saying of “less is more”.

Release Date: November 10th, 2014

“Gold Skies (Live Acoustic)” by DVBBS ft. Delora

dvbbs gold skies delora

As there are literally countless renditions and touch ups to DVBBS’ “Gold Skies”, you’re probably thinking ” here we go again”…as if you’re actually complaining, right ? But before you hit the play button, treat this acoustic re-make as it’s own song because you might be taken back by what you hear. The synergy between Delora’s voice and the piano adds a whole new angle to how we experience “Gold Skies.” I’m convinced, are you ?

Release Date: October 27th, 2014

“Or Nah (Bryce Fox Cover)” by The Weeknd ft. Ty Dolla Sign

I came across this video of Bryce Fox covering the popular track “Or Nah” by The Weeknd. More and more Youtubers are making their way into the music industry through these covers. Personally, I think they are dope and add a great spin to popular songs. It is an incredible way to find talent. This is all we have seen from Bryce and the only video he has put up but I am sure more are on the way! Look out for new videos and keep an eye on this guy.

While I am on the topic about covering songs. I want to throwback to Teemid and Joie Tan’s cover of “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley. If you have not heard that track check it out below. Teemid is a French producer who is on the rise. All of his covers are unreal and he changes it up with the singers on most of them! I am excited to see Teemid produce original music in the future and I know it will be something special!

Release Date: September 15, 2014

Video: “Wake Me Up (Sam Meador Cover)” by Avicii

I came across something pretty interesting, while combing through the internet today. “Wake Me Up,” since its premiere at Ultra Music Festival 2014, has undoubtedly been one of the biggest tracks within the last couple of years. This is especially evident in the dance music scene.

Avicii created this track to differentiate himself from the overdone formula that plagued and currently plagues the dance music scene. This differentiation is definitely something Sam Meador, a member of the Black Metal Band, Xanthochroid, and adds his twist to the track. He also brings in an acoustic guitar to accompany his cover. Unlike his usual style, he takes it a step farther by going out of his own comfort zone (He’s most likely trained classically, but his usual style is Black Metal). Anyways, Sam Meador utilizes all elements of the guitar. Not only for the melody but for the percussion elements as well. Huge props on this cover.

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