Video: “Wake Me Up (Sam Meador Cover)” by Avicii

I came across something pretty interesting, while combing through the internet today. “Wake Me Up,” since its premiere at Ultra Music Festival 2014, has undoubtedly been one of the biggest tracks within the last couple of years. This is especially evident in the dance music scene.

Avicii created this track to differentiate himself from the overdone formula that plagued and currently plagues the dance music scene. This differentiation is definitely something Sam Meador, a member of the Black Metal Band, Xanthochroid, and adds his twist to the track. He also brings in an acoustic guitar to accompany his cover. Unlike his usual style, he takes it a step farther by going out of his own comfort zone (He’s most likely trained classically, but his usual style is Black Metal). Anyways, Sam Meador utilizes all elements of the guitar. Not only for the melody but for the percussion elements as well. Huge props on this cover.

Buy “Wake Me Up (Sam Meador Cover)” Here

“How You Love Me (Acoustic Version)” by 3LAU ft. Bright Lights

A couple years back when someone would mention 3LAU’s name, they would refer to him as a good mash-up artist similar to The White Panda or Super Mash Bros. 3LAU did not have any original music and nothing was separating him from the competition.

Flash forward to present day and 3LAU is absolutely killing it. His live shows are electric, his 3LAU Hau5 mixes are fantastic and he did what no one thought he could do; he produced his own original music. 3LAU proved us all wrong with this track. More than mixing up songs, Justin Blau demonstrated his true love for music and that his future is something we should all look out for.

Justin should be proud of himself. Two years ago he was a fan at EDC Las Vegas and this year he got a chance to hold down his own set live. “How You Love Me”  is an ideal example of an artist staying true to himself. He said he was going to produce original music, and he impressed.

The acoustic version is simple but also a masterpiece. It gives us all a chance to step back and appreciate the music for what it is. Give the track a listen and let your ears enjoy 3LAU & Bright Light’s work.

“Twice (Tusks Live Midnight Cover)” by Little Dragon

I never thought any artist would be able to come close to matching Little Dragon’s version of “Twice,” a haunting ballad of loss (what else), but Tusks does do the track complete justice. It’s a softer, less croony sound than the original, but it works nonetheless, doubtless because of the gorgeous, entrancing piano chords that play throughout. I think I still prefer the original, but I definitely didn’t mind this coming across my path today. Tusks undoubtedly has beautiful vocals, and the lyrics to the song give me a great case of the feels every time I hear them uttered. Absolutely worth a listen if you’re craving something a little deeper, calmer.

Video: “All The Way (Acoustic Version)” by Timeflies

We have another club banger turned baby maker from the guys of Timeflies. This week fans got an acoustic version if their hit track “All They Way”. This track has been killing it on mainstream radio only building more and more hype for the release of their upcoming “AfterHours” album. Timeflies always knows how to make any week better with a new TFT, and tonight was no different as they came through in the clutch to release this weeks video for their fans. Tickets are still available for their album release show on Tuesday, April 29th so make sure to grab your tickets before this show sells out. 

‘AfterHours’ Album Release Show at Terminal 5 [Tickets]

Video: “Wake Me Up” by Aloe Blacc (Acoustic)

Remember when all those people flipped out and didn’t like this at Ultra? Fuck is matter with you people. This was one of the biggest tracks played at TomorrowWorld. The acoustic version is pretty awesome as well. Aloe Blacc just came out with a new EP that you can check out on iTunes that contains the acoustic version and some other tracks, one produced by Pharrell. I know all yall like Pharrell.

Download “Wake Me Up” by Aloe Blacc