“Pump This (Remixes)” by Snails & heRobust

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Currently, one of the fastest growing talents in dubstep or what he has modified to call “Vomitstep,” Snails is showing no signs of stopping. Last year, Snails teamed up with another up-and-coming talent heRobust to create “Pump This.”

The unique drop from the track and the rawness that the track brought to listeners was what made the track stand out. Now, the track has received both a VIP treatment and a remix from artists like Getter, Ghastly, Drezo, and Apashe. The remix tape will be released via OWSLA, and below, we’re previewing what has been released thus far.

Release Date: August 18, 2015

Video: “Rock The Party” by Jauz & Ephwurd

Jauz has brought back his signature sound and has ramped things up a little. By bringing on board Ephwurd, we get some darker, future house flares added in the mix.

Both Jauz and the Ephwurd duo have been crushing the future bass game, and with their talents combined, “Rock The Party” is born. This track is, for sure, festival ready and has already received support from numerous producers at this year’s festivals.

Release Date: July 17, 2015 | Beatport

“Painted White” by Illenium ft. Cristina Soto

Illenium- PumpTheBeat.com

At first I thought this track was by Pantheon, not Illenium. It can be a bit confusing but Illenium is a part of the artist collective Pantheon. Illenium has joined the hundreds, (thousands?) of artists releasing great tracks on Soundcloud for free. According to their Facebook page the track is available for free download for “24 hours”.

When that 24-hour period actually started or when it will end, who know but grab this track for free while you can!

This track’s haunting vocals is mellow and hard-hitting all at the same time. Fall asleep to it, party to it. Cry to it. Just listen to it.

Video: “Burial” by Yogi & Skrillex ft. Pusha T, Moody Good, TrollPhace

One of the biggest tracks in dance music has just received it’s visuals. And, just as the track itself draws out the deepest, darkest emotions, so does the video.

Like most Skrillex videos, there’s a sort of rawness to the music video fro the special edit of “Burial” featuring TrollPhace and Moody Good. The most interesting element to the video is probably the addition of Dennis Rodman. But, hey, I guess he adds that extra touch of controversy to the mix.

Release Date: July 6, 2015 | iTunes

“Operate (Illenium Remix)” by Kill Paris feat. Royal

Operate-Illenium-pumpthebeat Denver-based producer Illenium delivers with this beautiful remix of jazzy dubstep pioneer Kill Paris’s track “Operate”.

By giving the song a more reserved and down-tempo sound, he’s added a completely new dynamic to the track, successfully putting even more emotion into an already emotional song. In his own words, it’s “one of the most emotional tracks I’ve produced. I hope this takes you on a journey”. And it certainly does; easily one of my favorite releases of the week.

“The Hills” by The Weekend (Sokene Remix)


I had to come out from PTB hibernation to post this track because it is an absolute killer remix of one of my favorite songs. Sokene truly does The Weekend justice with this bass heavy rendition.

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“Into The Sun” by Bassnectar

Into The Sun - PumpTheBeat.com

Hot off the new sixteen track mixtape, Bassnectar hits us with an absolute banger named “Into The Sun”. The song is flooded by a warm baseline that gives it it’s distinct rhythm while also embraces the energy and vitality that is inherently characteristic of Bassnectar. By hitting play, you immediately give yourself a one way ticket to cloud nine for a solid four minutes and sixteen seconds. If you’re like me and looking to get away, but can’t even afford to buy yourself a decent haircut, this song is your getaway. Pop in those headphones and join me on my vacation.