WKND MZK: “It’s Very Simple”

"It's very simple" - pumpthebeat.com

This week was a difficult one in finding the right songs to fill this playlist. Hopefully you all find use of these. Seems like the line drawn between good music and music that is down right horrible is becoming more and more blurred these days. But what makes music ‘good’ be definition. That, my friend, is not set something set in stone.

Dillon Francis released his remix to “Some Chords” yesterday that will be on deadmau5 5 Years of Mau5 remix album coming soon. Make sure you check out the crazy “Work” remix. Pure festival shit. Should not have overlooked that Minnesota remix. Beyond that, it’s all over the place. Love the weekend.


EP: “Monsters: Volume 5″ by Figure

Monsters Volume 5 by Figure - pumpthebeat.com

Maybe one of the best parts about this season is when Halloween gets closer, dubstep maniac Figure drops his Monster Series. He’s been doing it for awhile now and each year never falters with material. Previous series captured the characteristics of horror film icons like Leatherface, Jason, the Wolfman, etc. While he’s run out of names, the creativity is definitely still there. If you’re in the mood to be terribly afraid and hear some of the hardest bass still alive today; Monsters: Volume 5 is where it’s at.

Figure begins his fall Terrorvision Tour tomorrow which is bound to be insane. Might have to cop some tickets. Get yours here.

Release Date: October 15th, 2014  |  iTunes

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Documentary: “Let’s Make A Spaceship” w/ Skrillex & Red Bull

After the livestream of the Austin City Limits Music Festival tonight, Red Bull premiered a 40-minute documentary on the incredible musician Skrillex. Watching the documentary now, it mainly features Red Bull’s contribution into helping Sonny work on his design, production, and construction for his new tour. Skrillex and Red Bull found an old building in I think LA to work on all the aspects of the show. This is a very detailed and in depth doc. that every electronic music fan should watch.

Parallel to all the tour and stage production footage, the video also has A LOT of behind the scenes footage from Sonny over the years. Also, ever wonder how Sonny and his people come up with his spaceship and how it’s made? Watch this now. You will be fully entertained for the next 40-minutes.

With releases like these, it really creates an insane amount of respect for these artists and the people that make these shows possible. The end of the video I would describe as the drop. Gave me goosebumps and is awesome. Go see Skrillex on tour.

Red Bull Profile  ||  The Mothership Tour 2014  || Previous Article

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“Lost In The Crowd (LOCOJA Remix)” by Bassnectar & Jantsen ft. Fashawn & Zion I

Bassnectar has long been producing and performing at the top of the music food chain. No doubt I would define him as a vet. With his new album out, Noise vs. Beauty, and a tour underway, he’s showing no signs of letting up.

“Lost In The Crowd” is a perfect party tune and Mexico’s LOCOJA comes through with a chill remix. Definitely makes me want to check out the album more. Just wait for the drop people. More remixes should be out shortly so be sure to stick to his SoundCloud.

He also just announced his 360° show at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville again for New Year’s Eve. Bang

Bassnectar’s NvB 2014 Tour

“Fade” by Adventure Club ft. Zak Waters

fade adventure club pumpthebeat.com

If you’re a fan of old school Adventure Club, then this track is for you. Zak Waters, an artist who definitely isn’t new to the dance music scene, adds his vocals to the mix.

The progressive growls is what I’m talking about in terms of familiar sounds. This kind of sound is what put Adventure Club on the map. Awesome to hear them revive their old sounds.

Release Date: September 28, 2014 | iTunes

WKND MZK: “Soon”


Here’s another set of hits you all should familiarize yourselves with. Just a recap, I put these together in sort of a story mode that plays out in my head so I apologize if it doesn’t really make any sense to you all. While there are songs here from every side of the spectrum, hopefully you give them all a chance. Thanks for listening.