Video: “Outbreak” by Zomboy ft. Aramanni Reign


Ever since hearing “Vancouver Beatdown” lift the spirit of the crowd as I walked into a random stage at Spring Awakening two years back, I have been a Zomboy fan. He does dubstep the right away and his drops always go hard. His music can be described as filthy, based infused beats similar to Rusko or Skrillex but with his own sound. He is a great mixer which he demonstrates in his Never Say Die “NSD” hour mixes.

Zomboy and Armanni Reign put out this video today with UKF Dubstep. Armanni’s rap flows quickly over Zomboy’s choppy uptempo beat. The video is well made with an old school flow combined with crazy concert footage. Check it out above and check out Zomboy’s explosive music as he is growing rapidly.

Release Date: July 15, 2014

“V!BE MACH!INE” by Alex S

Creating electronic songs that follow the classic model of melodic sections into heavy breakdowns can be a double-edged sword for budding producers: it is a tried and tested formula for a festival hit, but because of that proven success, everyone out there is trying to do it and the pool of tracks following the same or a similar structure is extremely over-saturated. That being said, emerging artist Alex S did it right with this tune, laying infectious samples over a bubbly, optimistic melodic section before exploding into a rage-inducing breakdown over a slower, glitch tempo. Enjoy and support this rising star by throwing him a like on Facebook and grabbing the free download here.

“Recess (Flux Pavilion Remix)” By Skrillex & Kill the Noise Ft. Fatman Scoop & Michael Angelakos


Flux Pavilion throws some heavy bass to the Skrillex and Kill the Noise original track “Recess.” This soothe, psychedelic introduction gets wildly interrupted with Fatman Scoop’s “turn it up” vocals. The song has a unique feel about it, as the bass drops, the energy rises and the shouting continues throughout the song.

Any time a group of artists like this works on a track, you know it is going to be a good one. The intro pulls me in from the start with the catchy vocals. Flux Pavilion knows how to build a track up with the drums and then he does his thing on the drop. This song only released 7 hours ago and I’m sure it’ll climb its way to the top. Milo & Otis, Ape Drums and Valentino Khan have also added their own touch to the track but it’s fantastic to hear a track like this from Flux Pavilion. It reminds me of his music from a few years back, which is the same music that made me like dubstep!

Release Date: July 7, 2014

“Shadow of the Sun (Adventure Club Remix)” by Max Elto

Canadian duo Adventure Club always knows how to add a chill element to a song. I love their use of vocal chops and not too heavy of a dubstep drop on this track. The remix isn’t mind blowing but it is definitely a great song if you’re just kicking back, relaxing and bumping some music with your friends.  It’s a perfect summer track for a tranquil day.

Release Date: June 26, 2014

Album: “Noise vs. Beauty” by Bassnectar

noise vs beauty bassnectar

Bassnectar’s highly anticipated album, “Noise vs. Beauty,” is finally out. For months now, Bassnectar has been hinting at a soon-to-be release date. And finally, it’s here. In preparation for this date, Bassnectar slowly released early singles like “You & Me,” “Now,” and “Hold On.” The end result is a 15-track album, which was made to stream on Rolling Stone on June 23. During his preparation in creating the album, he took some time off and did what he did best, make music. In an interview with Rolling Stone, this is what Bassnectar had to say about his process:

After I got songs together that sounded like Bassnectar songs to my ears, I remixed them as only acoustic guitar, piano and my vocals.I took those interpretations of my songs and I sent them to MCs, vocalists, singer-songwriters, indie bands, and started working on these new personalities with these other people and collaborated with over 50 people.

I took an unprecedented 6 months off the road (the first time since I started touring in the late 90s) and dove deep into the creative process. I unplugged from social networking and didn’t listen to any music: I just created. For the first time I feel completely content with what I have created, and authentically detached from the preferences of others; I made the music I wanted to make and I love it.

Release Date: June 24, 2014 | iTunes

Rating: 4.5/5

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