“Into The Sun” by Bassnectar

Into The Sun - PumpTheBeat.com

Hot off the new sixteen track mixtape, Bassnectar hits us with an absolute banger named “Into The Sun”. The song is flooded by a warm baseline that gives it it’s distinct rhythm while also embraces the energy and vitality that is inherently characteristic of Bassnectar. By hitting play, you immediately give yourself a one way ticket to cloud nine for a solid four minutes and sixteen seconds. If you’re like me and looking to get away, but can’t even afford to buy yourself a decent haircut, this song is your getaway. Pop in those headphones and join me on my vacation.

“Wit Me Dub” by Zeds Dead X Megalodon

wit me wub zeds dead megalodon pumpthebeat.com

After releasing “Somewhere Else (Remixes)” EP, Zeds Dead is back with a brand new track entitled “Wit Me Wub.” With this new track, they’ve worked with Megalodon to bring you the absolute, most grimy sounds.

The BPMs are slowed down a tad to really get the mood to that ideal, shoulder-leaning tempo. In addition to a slower pace, Zeds Ded and Megalodon thrown in an assault of different synth sounds including plenty of growls and even some mid/high frequency shots. More simply put, this track has plenty of potential to break things down.

“School Daze (Borgore & Tisoki Remix)” by Borgore & Addison

borgore tisoki remix pumpthebeat.com

Early last month, Borgore teamed up with Addison to bring out a progressive anthem that caught the eyes of Armada. Now, with a remix featuring Borgore and Tisoki, we revert back to the dirtier sounds that Borgore is most notorious for.

To maintain the mellow, feel-good vibes that the original had, Borgore and Tisoki choose to keep the bridge and build portions of the track to a fairly low-key level. But, this mood doesn’t stay for long. As the volume cuts out for a brief moment, an assault of dubstep growls come rushing through. Jam packed with energy, this track is a perfect hybrid of the original, progressive track and Borgore and Tisoki’s heavier sounds.

Release Date: June 5, 2015 | Beatport

“Some Minds” by Flume ft. Andrew Wyatt (XVII Flip)

XVII is commin in big this week with his remix of the new Flume release “Some Minds.” This tune is just what you would expect from XVII, true to the original with some awesome instrumental additions. This song resonates with me so much at this point, and an additional edition of the song is just what the doctor ordered because it  will keep my friends from killing me for playing it on repeat for hours straight.

“Make The Fire Burn” by Rain Man

rainman pumpthebeat.com

Rain Man, formally the producer behind Krewella, is out with a dubstep/trap track that is full of raw energy. After reviewing some of the comments in Rain Man’s SoundCloud, there seems to be multiple mentions that support Rain Man for his pursuit of a solo career after complications with his previous group Krewella.

Now, there’s really nothing holding back Rain Man; and it clearly shows in his releases. Full of raw energy and enough low-end sounds to cause a riot, I give you Rain Man’s newest track “Make The Fire Burn.”

“The Collider (Original Mix)” by Stratus

the collider stratus pumpthebeat.com

Chicago-based bass producer Stratus is back with a heavy banger of a track. And, if you’ve ever seen Stratus perform live, you’ll know that he’s all about the massive amounts of energy and constant…well, bass.

Unlike his earlier tracks which revolve around a more dubstep vibe, we get some progressive, future bass-y sounds with “The Collider.” As you follow the lead melody, you’ll be taken up and down until we hit a future bass drop blended with some vocal shots and some other grimy synth sounds. The main drop will definitely keep you interested and wanting more.

“Murda” by Candyland

murda smog candyland pumpthebeat.com

Santa Barbara based DJ/producer Candyland has gone a little more aggressive with her most recent release. “Murda” infuses dancehall themes with the gritty style that is Candyland. According to a statement made to Billboard, Candyland explains:

I definitely have been wanting to do something a little more aggressive for a while. Sort of sneak back to the old Candyland sound. I think Murda perfectly blends the old with the new. Shows where I’ve been and where I’m trying to go to.

Currently, Candyland is gearing up for a June release through Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak. Till then, get some headbanging in your schedule with “Murda.”

Release Date: May 18, 2015