“Hold Still” by Slow Magic

Slow Magic first caught my ear when they remixed Flight Facilities song “Stand Still.” “Hold Still,” like their remix of FF, is a great tune. Just plug in the headphones and listen to “Hold Still” on the train home from work, in the library, or wherever you are, it will chill you out.

“Man x Woman (GANZ Edition)” by Full Crate x Mar

When Full Crate and Mar released “Man x Woman” earlier this year, I became enamored with their music, which is  rooted in their home country, Amsterdam. The slight intricacies of their tracks made their music unique and timeless. In the back of my mind, I didn’t want a good “Man x Woman” remix to be released, so that it could stand alone. GANZ quickly changed my mind. I feel like GANZ and I have a similar taste in music, like many of us, because he always seems to remix songs that I love. Not only that, he makes his imprint into the song, and twists it in a delightful way.

“Hope” by Alex Metric & Oliver

metrix - oliver- pumpthebeat.com

Well, Oliver are one of my favorite production duos, and I have yet to see them live. Getting rained out at The Hudson Project shot down my chances of seeing their late night set which would have been surreal. Anyhow, my time will come soon. They have that cool ass disco vibe with a modern electro twist that seems to hit just the right party mood. With hands in the air, shuffling feet, and groovin n movin hips, the crowd bust just start boiling. They know how to throw a party! While being a few months old, this right here collabo with Alex Metric is a perfect example of the vibe they go for. Man…

“Problem (Misha K Remix)” by Ariana Grande

misha k problem ariana grande pumpthebeat.com

The song that has taken over the radio has not gotten the progressive house treatment. Misha K is out with a brand new remix for “Problem.”

The build starts off with a filtered kick. Not too intense, but you know that a melodic progression will come anytime soon. Any fan of the original track will love this as the bridge from your headphones to the clubs is finally bridged. Grab the free download below on the SoundCloud player.