“Every Single Piece (LVNDSCAPE Remix)” by Redondo & Bolier ft. She Keeps Bees

Every Single Piece - PumpTheBeat

Fresh off the press from Spinnin’ Deep, LVNDSCAPE gives the classic “Every Single Piece”, a fresh new twist. This remix has tropical and summer vibes written all over it. I have had this on repeat all day! Looks like Kygo has some competition with LVNDSCAPE. I really love the pan flute melody that is layered ever so perfectly over a subtle kick and clap combo that really gets you grooving. Be sure to add this to your summer soundtrack and check out more of Spinnin’s star studded producers!

“Try Me (Matoma Remix)” by Jason Derulo ft. Jennifer Lopez

try me jason derulo matoma pumpthebeat.com

Tropical house producer Matoma keeps climbing up the ranks and has become one of the leaders in the tropical house genre. Matoma has developed his sound with rapid pitch changes and tropical wind instruments that transform the mix into the chill, relaxed sound that we all have loved and sometimes overplay.

Coming from the recent successes of “Old Thing Back,” Matoma is ready for his next challenge, which is Jason Derulo’s “Try Me.” Watch out Kygo because Matoma is slowly creeping up behind you.

“Stunnin'” by Simon Valente

stunnin PumpTheBeat.com

Simon Valente brings us an eclectic deep house track merged with a little bit of some newer, aggressive sounds. As the track opens up, Valente sets the stage for the track to be a tech/deep house club track. Perfect for a lounge venue or perhaps even a rooftop.

Immediately after the subtle but impactful buildup, Valente throws in some funky future house melodies that keep things interesting. The attention-grabbing drop is the perfect amount of energy to add that extra magic to the mix.

Release Date: June 1, 2015

“+1″ by Martin Solveig ft. Sam White

plus 1 pumpthebeat.com martin solveig

2015 may become Martin Solveig’s biggest year in mainstream dance music, and he’s definitely doing an amazing job with his recent releases. Starting with his collaboration with GTA for “Intoxicated,” we heard a new style from Solveig. Older Solveig fans probably expected a return to his older sounds, but he’s continues with his future house sounds.

With “+1″ featuring the vocals of Sam White, Solveig continues with the hypnotic vibes heard in “Intoxicated.” As for his older sounds, there’s definitely no complaints from fans for its disappearance as he continues to please with his new material. With catchy lyrics, you’ll be hearing some hype crowds in the upcoming festival crowds asking, “Can you be my +1?”

“The Collider (Original Mix)” by Stratus

the collider stratus pumpthebeat.com

Chicago-based bass producer Stratus is back with a heavy banger of a track. And, if you’ve ever seen Stratus perform live, you’ll know that he’s all about the massive amounts of energy and constant…well, bass.

Unlike his earlier tracks which revolve around a more dubstep vibe, we get some progressive, future bass-y sounds with “The Collider.” As you follow the lead melody, you’ll be taken up and down until we hit a future bass drop blended with some vocal shots and some other grimy synth sounds. The main drop will definitely keep you interested and wanting more.

“Know Yourself (Fawks Flip)” by Drake


One of the hottest club tracks of the year so far, Drake’s “Know Yourself,” has been tackled by Fawks in stunning fashion.  The rising producer flips the original into an absolutely banging future house track, allowing Drake’s singalong chorus room to breathe before erupting into an expertly mixed breakdown that will have you two stepping on command.  Enjoy this one with your woes and grab the free download here.

“Annie” by Neon Indian


After years of anticipation, Neon Indian has announced a new album expected later this year. Their previous work Era Extraña dates back to 2011. Led by Alan Palomo of Mexico, Neon Indian were among some of the most influential forerunners of the chill-wave genre. With the electro-psych-wave group’s return, they give us “Annie”. If “Annie” is a preview of what’s to come we can expect a more intense, tropical Neon Indian. Probably the most distinguishable difference is the clarity of the vocals compared to the ambience and reverb used in their past pieces. You can compare “Annie” to their two most recognized tunes “Polish Girl” and “Deadbeat Summer” below. This groovy summer anthem is a must have for all chill playlists alike.

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