“Lasers” by Jimi Frew

Lasers by Jimi Frew PumpTheBeat.com

With a music catalog compiled of big-room electronic house records, Jimi Frew has become one of Australia’s most beloved musicians. By clinching the outstanding support from big-time names such as: Sander Van Doorn, Tommy Trash, and Bassjackers, the self-proclaimed “electronic maestro” had no problem putting his money where his mouth is. Be sure to support “Lasers” on Hype Machine!

Release Date: December 18th, 2014

“Get Up (Original Mix)” by Tapetenwechsel

get up pumpthebeat.com

Tapetenwechsel is out with his 3rd single, and Armada deep has shown their support by picking up the release. For “Get Up,” there’s a solid emphasis on the bassline. This minimalistic feel is what gives this track its entrancing groove. Tapetenwechsel is definitely an artist to watch in the deep house game.

Release Date: December 22, 2014

“Inside Out (Stélouse and Louis the Child Remix)” by Cheifs and Nick Acquroff

This song begins with a bit of  melancholy vocals that quickly give way to a cheery xylophone sound. This bridge to the chorus builds up to a great combination of vocals and much heavier synths. The tune then fades again to be dominated the vocals, this time less saddening, which again are followed by a build up, and drop of the chorus. The overall progression through the song builds to the long pauses that create the massive anticipation that is the most significant feature setting this song apart from the original.

Preview Dillon Francis and Kygo’s Brand New Collaboration

kygo dillon francis pumpthebeat.com

Earlier in September, Dillon Francis teased fans with the announcement of a collaboration with tropical house producer, Kygo. Short clips of the track have been released through Dillon Francis’ Instagram. Since then, fans have been looking for more pieces to the puzzle.

Currently, Kygo is on tour, and the other day, a fan snagged footage of the collaboration. The track will be on Kygo’s debut album, set to release in 2015.

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“You Make Me” by Feki

You know those roller-coasters that go through a tunnel and you think ‘this doesn’t look too crazy’ only to be dropped from 4 stories 30 seconds later? This track is something like that.

It begins with a simple progression of synth bloops, orchestral sounds, soothing vocals, all over ambient water sloshes. But that vibe transforms entirely at the one-minute mark. What began as a smooth ride into a melodic tunnel morphs into a full speed charge at gritty experimental dance music. Check out Feki as he trail-blazes his way onto the Australian EDM scene.

Grab this track for free along with some samplings from Feki‘s labelmates on Stoney Roads.

“These Days (Syn Cole Remix)” by Take That

take that these days syn cole remix pumpthebeat.com

Syn Cole is out with another feel-good remix. Lately, Syn Cole has been crushing his releases with his infectious melodies. With an aggressive bass driving in the background of the track, Syn Cole’s lead synth gets an extra boost of energy. Again, another amazing creation by Syn Cole.