“Bruk Bruk (I Need Your Lovin)” by Dillon Francis


Dance’s music’s funniest man and moombahton maestro Dillon Francis is returning to his dembow-inspired roots with a brand new mixtape, aptly titled #THISMIXTAPEISFIRE, dropping on August 14th.  He recently unveiled the first single off the new project, a high-energy moombah anthem called “Bruk Bruk (I Need Your Lovin)” that is vintage Dillon.  If you’re a fan of Francis’ older material you’ll definitely have fun turning up to this festival-ready record.  Enjoy and pre-order the mixtape on iTunes now.

“Turning (Flume Remix)” by Collarbones

Turning - PumpTheBeat.com

As you all are probably aware, Flume has been absolutely killing it lately. From new bangers to sold out shows, Flume seems to have it all figured out. His new remix of the Collarbone’s “Turning” is just another quintessential example of a man at his peak with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

The remix adds a delightfully tangy twist to the original giving it more flavor and personality. Truly at his apex, Flume delivers with aplomb. Oh yeah, and the video is rather trippy as well.

Release Date: July 3, 2015

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“Gamma Gamm” by Tritonal

gamma gamma tritonal pumpthebeat.com

Tritonal just took the jungle vibes and added some insane bass to the mood. “Gamma Gamma” encompasses the tribal vibes that many producers have experimented with. Typically, though, the jungle vibes seems to favor more of the minimalist sound. For Tritonal, a duo always pushing the creative envelope with their anthemic melodies, have gone completely against the grain.

The track builds with a festival vibe, and as the drop kicks in, the electro takes over. As the pulsating bassline drives the drop, the grittier electro synths are layered onto the bassline adding to the aggressive drive. This explosive assault of energy will for sure make this track a festival favorite. Conveniently, Tritonal is gearing up for the Untouchable Tour alongside Cash Cash and will for sure be showcasing their new material like “Gamma Gamma.”

Release Date: July 20, 2015

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“Nothing Stopping Me” by Vicetone ft. Kat Nestel

vicetone nothing stopping me pumpthebeat.com

The unstoppable Vicetone duo is out with a brand new track featuring the vocals of Kat Nestel entitled “Nothing Stopping Me.” Earlier this year, the duo teamed up with the vocalist for “No Way Out,” and the collaboration was a major hit. Typically, the duo is best known for their big room tracks, but this time, they switch things up a little bit.

The production is still vibrant and colorful, but the intensity is pulled back a little to make a more room for some fun, summer vibes. The lead for the melody features a string instrument that gives the track a light tone, while still maintaining that energy. And most importantly, the track, like their past releases, begs you to get up and dance.

Currently, Vicetone is on their summer tour and have select dates coming up all across the globe.

Release Date: June 30, 2015

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“White Lies (DeModa Remix)” by Odesza


One of the leading acts in the future bass scene, Odesza, just received a stellar remix from up and coming New York producer DeModa for their track “White Lies.”  Layering together electro-styled wubs with glittery tropical synths and vibrant chords over a hip-hop inspired beat, DeModa enhances the gorgeous original vocals into an upbeat, melodic track that is superbly mixed.  Structurally, this record is a sonic journey, seamlessly moving from mellow sections to full on explosions of sound at unexpected points.  Enjoy, grab a free download and be sure to keep an eye out for DeModa; this won’t be the last we hear from the kid.

Video: “Holding On” by Disclosure ft. Gregory Porter

Stop what you’re doing, and give the Disclosure boys your undivided attention. After recently announcing their second studio album “Caracal,” they followed the announcement with the debut of “Holding On.”

And like Disclosure’s past work, this track smashes expectations. The duo takes you to a whole new level with an infectious groove. Something that they’re no strangers to. Furthermore, they combbine their production with the soulful vocals of Gregory Porter, and the groove just gets even more amplified. As the video closes, the “Disclosure-styled” drawings start to get strong…Which only means “Caracal” is coming soon. If you’re a die-hard fan like me, pre-orders are available!

Pre-Order “Caracal” on iTunes

“Into The Sun” by Bassnectar

Into The Sun - PumpTheBeat.com

Hot off the new sixteen track mixtape, Bassnectar hits us with an absolute banger named “Into The Sun”. The song is flooded by a warm baseline that gives it it’s distinct rhythm while also embraces the energy and vitality that is inherently characteristic of Bassnectar. By hitting play, you immediately give yourself a one way ticket to cloud nine for a solid four minutes and sixteen seconds. If you’re like me and looking to get away, but can’t even afford to buy yourself a decent haircut, this song is your getaway. Pop in those headphones and join me on my vacation.