Spring Awakening Releases Their Official 2014 Aftermovie

As the days of summer come and go, festivals also inevitably come and go. Definitely a sad feeling leaving a festival you looked forward to attending for an entire year, but one thing’s for sure, the aftermovies are an amazing parting gift.

Spring Awakening Music Festival (SAMF) celebrated their third year in Chicago, IL alongside over 100,000 people. The aftermovie recaps the sets of many word renowned acts like Kaskade, Steve Aoki, Knife Party, and more! Enjoy reliving the fun through the lens of Spring Awakening Music Festival attendees.

Review: Amtrac @ Slake, NYC – July 26th


This past Saturday in NYC the recently opened Slake nightclub welcomed deep house maestro Amtrac to headline its main room. Previously known as The Wall, the newly branded Slake re-opened its doors earlier this year and has curated a really strong array of acts spanning multiple genres and popularity levels during its promotional run this summer. The club has multiple levels and stages, and is kind of like a less congested version of Webster Hall. The vibe is always super dope and the crowd is generally really knowledgeable about the acts, but without being pretentious, which is always refreshing.

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Relive TomorrowLand 2014 Weekend 2 With Live Sets

2014 tomorrowland live sets PumpTheBeat.com

Sadly, TomorrowLand 2014 has come to a close. But, we’ve been tirelessly scouring the web to find you a complete list of all of the TomorrowLand 2014 Live Sets from Weekend 2. If there are any sets that are missing, please help us out by linking them to this post. For now, enjoy all of the live sets we were able to find. And, as a plus, we’ve put them in alphabetical order for you!

So, what are you waiting for, read more to relive TomorrowLand 2014 Weekend 2 with the live sets!

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TomorrowLand 2014 Weekend 2 stream is live

tomorrowland live stream radio pumpthebeat.com

I don’t think I need to say much with this one, but TomorrowLand 2014 Weekend 2 will be live very soon. You can join the madness in two different ways: The first way, being through their YouTube Live Stream, is definitely the better option. You have visuals and can experience what TomorrowLand 2014 has to offer. The second option is through the radio. Even though you’re only getting the audio, TomorrowLand has done an insanely good job with capturing the experience. Their radio page includes Instagram photos, Tweets, and other social media interactions from festival attendees.

So, what are you waiting for, join the madness that is TomorrowLand. At work? Well, we’re all tech savvy here. Find a way! I’ll include the live stream after the jump!

TomorrowLand Radio

Weekend 2: July 25-37th | 9PM – 2AM CEST (EU) | 3PM – 11PM EST (USA)

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HARD Summer 2014 is Sold Out

hard summer 2014 sold out pumpthebeat.com

HARD Summer 2014 is officially sold out. This will be HARD’s 7th annual HARD Summer Music Festival. If you’re looking to still attend a HARD event, they are allowing signups for the pre-sale for HARD Day of the Dead. The date in which this pre-sale will occur is still up in the air. Stay tuned for more news from HARD.

HARD Day of the Dead Pre-Sale Sign Up

Relive TomorrowLand 2014 Weekend 1 With Live Sets

2014 tomorrowland live sets PumpTheBeat.com

I don’t think much has to be said, except for that this is your ultimate compilation of TomorrowLand 2014 Live Sets. If you think something is missing, please write so in the comments. We will try and add more as more sets surface. Also, sets may get taken down as more official sources surface, so we will try and maintain an updated list for you guys. Otherwise, enjoy the madness that TomorrowLand has to offer!

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Event: Adventure Club @ Governor’s Island, NYC (July 26)

adventure club governors island pumpthebeat.comGovernors Beach Club has another show in store for you. This time, we’ve got Adventure Club. Last year, we were able to see these guys open for Laidback Luke at Governors Beach Club, and now, they’re taking the headline spot. For me, personally, Adventure Club came out as an unknown group. They constantly produced tracks on their SoundCloud page, and hype naturally built around their brand. Once they started touring, that was a whole new story.

If you’re new to the Adventure Club crew, I’ve embedded some of my favorite tracks from these guys. And for once, it was a little hard for me to pick my favorite few. These guys are honestly talented, and their music definitely speaks for itself.

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