“Schemin Up” by OB OBrien ft. Drake & P Reign

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OVO signee OB OBrien has been climbing up the ranks this year. First, he hopped on Tinashe’s remix of “2 On” earlier this year, and now, he’s out with a brand new track entitled, “Schemin Up.” You’ll notice the support of Drake and P. Reign on their respective verses. Some up-and-coming talent doing big things. Keep an eye out for OB Obrien.

“1 Hunnit A Show” by Nipsey Hussle ft. Rick Ross


All money in, no money out. If you’re a Nipsey Hussle fan, you already know that he charges top dollar for his work. The Crenshaw native is actually charging $1,000 a copy for his upcoming Mailbox Money project, of which there will only be 100 hard copies. “1 Hunnit A Show” is the second leak off his Mailbox project, with “50 Niggaz” being the fist. Mailbox Money will be released for free download as well. The 100 people that buy the Proud2Pay version will be granted access to a private advance listening session of  Victory Lap, his upcoming album, at the secret Marathon Store they’re opening  the day of the listening.

Album: “The Love Project” by Tunji Ige

If you aren’t hip to Tunji Ige yet, I highly highly suggest you give him a listen. This bundle of talent just dropped his debut album on Soundcloud. I haven’t been this psyched about a singer/rapper combo since Drake’s “Best I’ve Ever Had” – 5 years ago! Seriously, this guy is like Drake mixed with Kid Cudi mixed with PARTYNEXTDOOR and produces like Zhu.

Yea, you read that correctly, he produces too! Tunji literally produced, laid vocals, mixed, and then mastered the entire album himself with only a handful of features. THAT is talent and hard work if I’ve ever seen it. Catchy hooks, melodic singing, dope verses, and chill beats that still bang. Sounds like a recipe for success. Do not sleep on Tunji Ige.

Did I mention that the whole project is free to download?!? Check out some more Tunji below.
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“Lituation” by Fabolous


Earlier this week, Fabolous announced that his next project, “The Young OG Project”, would be availabe for digital download Christmas day. He attached a clip of his album’s first single, and the whole just released yesterday. The gritty beat matches Fab’s punchline driven delivery perfectly, and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. iTunes pre-orders for “The Young OG Project” will start on December 15th.

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“Howie Du” by Logan |1636|


loganBeing from the Chi, it’s all Chicago love here man. I’m gonna be honest with you guys – I went to the Webby show in Chicago and was most impressed with Logan. Chicago may be over-saturated with rappers tryna break through and find success, but he’s just doing something different. Prior to that show, I had no idea who he was nor was I aware of his movement. After his performance, I put his name in my phone and made it a priority to check his shit out. Glad to say – I wasn’t disappointed, shit’s fuego. Straight Chicago feel to his music. You can hear his struggles, and his hunger. This boy’s gonna eat, looking forward to watching his journey.

And where the f*ck my dad, yeah he hasn’t been around. But I can’t even blame him,

when he get out I be famous. Hella flights and vacations, yeah a lot of shit gon be changin.”

“Howie Du” is his newest track, but he also has a project that’s supposed to be dropping soon titled “1636.” We”ll definitely be posting that, so stay tuned. Check his shit out, give him a follow, and show some support. I’m also gonna throw in some of my personal favorites down below.

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“Save The Day” by Cayman Cline ft. Reef of Fortune Family

If you have been around the blog world for 3-4 years you are sure to have heard the name Fortune Family come up at some point. I still find myself driving down the highway with the windows open and their most popular song “Take Me Away” blasting through the speakers. Those seemed to be the simpler days, now everyone is out fighting each other for a record deal or starting twitter fights arguments with other artists to gain popularity. The guy’s of Fortune Family decided to call it quits a few years back citing creative differences,  now Reef (1/2 of the duo) is back testing the waters with this latest track. He teamed up with Cayman Cline to lay down a verse for “Save The Day”, a track that totally gives off that old Fortune Family vibe that we love. If you like what you are hearing, head over to Facebook and give Reef a big shoutout! [Read more…]

“A Better Tomorrow” by Wu-Tang Clan

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The world won’t get no better if we just let it be.

If anyone doubted that Wu-Tang is forever, this track and upcoming album should serve as a silencer. In a revisit to the original “A Better Tomorrow” off of Wu-Tang Forever (1997), The Clan gives a more positive, modern spin to this track. I find it curiously convenient that the track is being dropped now, in light of the recent Ferguson verdict. Take a listen to the new version and check out the original down below.

Release Date: December 2, 2014 | WMG Bundles | iTunes

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