“Morenas” by Josbi ft. Nic Hanson

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Switching up my usual posts with this up-and-coming hip-hop artist Josbi. Josbi came across my headphones a few years ago with his remix to Sarah Bareilles’ “Uncharted.” He’s back with a new release with vocalist Nic Hanson, who took the lead on the R&B influenced hook.

The style is a little different, and his style has definitely developed. Much more fluid in his verses, and the attention he puts in the lyrics seem to be more evident. Here’s what Josbi had to say about the track:

Premiered yesterday on Mostly Junk Food, the song draws inspiration from the many long afternoons I’ve spent watching beautiful tanned girls pass by in the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, unable to do anything but admire them from afar.

“Views From The 6″ Will Be The Title Of Drake’s Next Album – Spring 2015?

Views From The Six by Drake - PumpTheBeat.com

For a moment the clouds of Weezy Season have subsided and OVO Season seems to be in full effect. The man with the hottest hand in hop hop influences much more than he thinks and he’s already selected the name of his next album and a possible sign of the release. Views From The 6 - an idea that came from his buddy Jimmy (From The 6). The name is a metaphor to the shared integer in Toronto’s area codes (416 & 647). His schedule over the next few months is quite impressive and in the end, I hope it finishes with him working on his fourth studio album. It has potential to be the best yet as we’ve obviously seen a tremendous progression across Thank Me Later – Take Care – Nothing Was The Same. 

So what’s next? Well, tonight he’s hosting the ESPYS and who knows what that will bring with his tremendous love and interaction with sports and most importantly, the influence he has on all kinds of athletes… Nick Kyrgios. Thot. Much more after the jump:

OVO Sound

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“On You” by Chet Faker & GoldLink


Chet Faker and GoldLink collaborate on this brand new track “On You” as a part of adidas original #songsfromscratch series. The song is fantastic. Chet Faker produced the beat and sings the chorus. GoldLink rhymes over the slow Flume-sounding electronic rap beat.

Australian musician, Chet Faker, has been on the rise recently. His name has popped up more and more in the past month, and I love everything I have heard. On the other hand is GoldLink, who is an up-in-coming rapper who should not be overlooked! His album, “The God Complex” received outstanding reviews but GoldLink still has blown up yet.

This song demonstrates how talented and capable the two of these artists are. Both of these artists are going to be HUGE! This original track that the two whipped up sounds like nothing else out in the music world right now. It is unique and different and that is why I have it on repeat. Let alone these are two talented guys not two over-saturated marketed artists.

Give the track a listen, then give the track a listen again. It is only a day old, but let it grow on you and appreciate the leisurely paced work they started from scratch.

Release Date: July 15, 2014

Video: “Dipshits” by Cam’ron & A-Trak

G-Unit on the come up and now Dipset (The Diplomats) back with the revival. Seems like tons of artists are taking the opportunity to resurrect the dead and release some serious heat. Personally, I love it. All the music from the early 2000′s seems to be coming back up. Harlem rapper Cam’ron is linking up with electronic producer superstar A-Trak for a project called Federal Reserve. Funny enough, Just Blaze also helped on the production of this track. This video was previews awhile ago but the audio has just now been released and you can get it on iTunes. Sounds like the old Dipset but will a whole album carry as much weight as it did back in the day? Guess we’ll see…. no word on the release of the full project yet though.

Release Date: July 8th, 2014 | iTunes

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“3 Gold Chains” by Waka Flocka Flame ft. Troy Ave


He’s back and better than ever -well- he sounds pretty much the same. BUT, that’s a good thing as Waka’s voice has proven to be platinum before. On “3 Gold Chains” the 2014 XXL Freshman, Troy Ave, joins Juaquin to release a dope collab. In case you missed Jay’s post last week, Waka recently worked with Steve Aoki on “Rage The Night Away” – the video is pretty great and the EDM crossover, despite its pop-sound, isn’t too shabby.

All these presidents my pocket like the white house. Gettin’ to this cash what my life about

- Waka Flocka Flame (Juaquin Malphurs)

“3 Gold Chains” by Waka Flocka ft. Troy Ave