“Collide (Keljet Remix)” by Envy

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Netherlands duo Keljet will brighten up your day with this track. They recently remixed Envy’s third single “Collide.” Keljet has obtained early support from Kygo who has similar style. The duo describes their sound as indie disco and they add smooth summer vibes to the track. It is absolutely one to add to your chill playlist.

Release Date: July 10, 2014

“Nude (Stint Remix)” by Radiohead

radiohead - stint - pumpthebeat.com

If you are a fan of Radiohead then good for you. If you’re like “Who’s Radiohead?” then get educated. “Nude” from their most recent album In Rainbows has been remixed by Canadian, Vancouver-based producer, Stint. By using random objects in his vicinity along with his own vocals, he creates a ghostly and beautiful rendition of Radiohead’s work. “You paint yourself white and fill up with noise.” I love that lyric. Anyhow, check it!

PumpTheBeat.com Presents: Hudson Project Playlist


If you’re going then great, and if you aren’t then great. Here is just a small playlist of tracks I put together to give you a taste of how eclectic this weekend’s acts will be. I love a lot of genres of music, and so I decided to just throw on a bunch of songs from artists that I am excited to see this weekend, minus a few that I chose to leave out, namely Flylo… Anyhow, enjoy the tracklist and keep an open mind. At the end of the day that’s what music is all about!

“Magnolia” by Wilsen

wilsen magnolia - pumpthebeat.com

If you are into the dream-pop side of all things indie then this song will be for you. With dreamy vocals and even more ethereal background washes and guitar strums, Wilsen has control over your mood. Whether you’re happy, sad, or neither, sounds like this make you feel content. Hailing from New York, Wilsen has made quite the stir. Hunger TV claims her vocals have the power to make you “close your eyes and imagine some mystical wonderland of pine trees and foggy lakes.” I think that happens to be spot on. Check out her soundcloud here if you’re in the mood for more on a lazy summers day. Perfect for the rain coming to the area next week too!

Video: “Pistol Pump Funk” by Argonaut & Wasp

It’s finally time to introduce you to a new group out of Vermont called “Argonaut & Wasp”. A few months back I received a message on Facebook from a friend telling me about a few guys that were grinding it out trying to do what they love, make music. I was instantly hooked upon hearing a song they put out in 2013 called “In The Drown“, since then the video has reached over 25,000 plays on Youtube! The group was formed a few years back by Theo Klein & Trey Schibli, and since that point the guys have spent the majority of their waking hours working the music and perfecting their craft. They specialize in in transforming indie tracks through electronic production & live instruments. It is Argonaut & Wasp’s unique style & sound that has allowed them to grow into prominent part of the Vermont music scene. This past year they have had various residencies and have played opening sets for Waka Flocka Flame, Ja Rule and Sound Remedy all on separate occasions. We couldn’t be more happy to bring you this fun and creative music video for their new release called “Pistol Pump Funk”. The guys shot the video a few months back and I am more then impressed seeing the final product of all Theo & Trey’s hard work. I believe Argonaut & Wasp’s signature sound is one that we will be hearing a lot more as they continue to grow as musicians on a path towards achieving their dreams. Watch out, the electro-funk takeover is coming!

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Artist: Glass Animals

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So I came across Glass Animals today, and they quickly jumped to the top of my list of favorite bands. While I wrote about the band Ulysse yesterday as a sprouting of Alt-J, this group is truly destined for very very big things. Apart from having the most beautiful album artwork I have ever seen, there is something about the band that is truly special. Its the magic feeling that you get when you find an artist that is just so talented that you can’t find a single flaw in their sound. Every song on the album is very special in its own way and when the works are placed in the context of the album as a whole, they create something amazing. When I listen to it I hear a damp, dripping, dark, yet soothing and gorgeous soundscape. With the opportunity for your imagination to run abound with the soundtrack of Zaba, it may just be my favorite album of…well…ever. Anyone want to pay for a ticket for me to their 7/7 show at Bowery Ballroom because of course they’re sold out. Expect more of that in the future and once again, mark my words that they will become as household of a name as Alt-J and possibly // maybe even probably beyond.

Some background info for you below…
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EP: “U As In Ulysse” by Ulysse

ulysse - pupmthebeat.com

626 followers on SoundCloud. One of the best sounds I have ever heard. They are destined for success. Mark my words and remember reading that random post about Ulysse, because I see them reaching Alt-J levels of recognition. Maybe not as meteoric of a rise as Alt-J, as they are legendary in my books, but if they continue to release tracks as unique and potent as their debut EP, then I think anything is possible. With pop and rock roots, Arnaud, Julien, and Benoit have dived into experimental and electronic atmospheres to create something special. The vibe is on point for nearly any occasion, and if it were my vision, I would love to see them embrace the experimental, ambient side of things over the Arctic Monkeys feel, but its their band and their vision.