EP: “Flesh and Blood” by Yaarrohs

I discovered Yaarrohs through the glitch mob when she was part of their sophomore album “Love Death Immortality.” She now has a brand new EP of her own called Flesh and Blood, which has some great songs and an awesome amount of variety in terms of the sound. “Amber” is a great opener for the album, with interesting lyrics and a smooth sound that get you hooked. “Sub Rosa” has an awesome, rhythmic intro, and Atlas has a slow hypnotic resonance that is mirrored in the lyrics. The final song, “Stars” is incredibly slow to begin with leaving you wondering why it was not the placed somewhere else in the album, or if it even fits in, but it picks up speed and then ends, leaving you craving more of Yaarrohs’ mesmerizing sound.

Video: “Reflections” by The Misterwives

Watch out because indie-pop group MisterWives are about to make a big splash over the next year. They released their “Reflections” EP on iTunes back in January, and it has been an essential part of my music collection. The MisterWives have been traveling the country playing festivals and shows, as well as working hard in the studio on their upcoming album. Over the summer they had the opportunity to play for some massive festival crowds at Firefly & Summerfest, exposing their songs to new crowds of music lovers. MisterWives first official music video is the title track off their EP,  the video for “Reflections” debuted yesterday exclusively on BuzzFeed. The group filmed this video while in Europe playing a string of shows, needless to say they blew it out of the park with this first video. If you go to either Indiana University or Syracuse make sure to check out MisterWives when they touch down on your campus in the next few weeks! [Read more…]

“Alternate World (Alternate Age)” by Son Lux

This right here is harmonic magic. Son Lux spent much of his early professional career in NYC composing music for commercials, but since 2012 he has begun focusing primarily on his music career. In 2008, NPR’s All Songs Considered program named Son Lux “Best New Artist” after his debut album At War With Walls And Mazes was released. He released his most recent album Lanterns in October of 2013 and this summer put out an EP on “reimagined” songs from Lanterns. He has such a unique sound that it is hard not to be intrigued, let alone fall in love with it.

WKND MZK – “Right Now”


So last week’s playlist seemed to do alright so why not take another shot at it. I put these together so that you all can get a different taste of what’s out there. Songs can be interpreted and felt much differently depending on thousands of variations. With what I have for you below, maybe it will make you feel some type of way. Right Now.

“Collide (Keljet Remix)” by Envy

envy remix-ptb.com

Netherlands duo Keljet will brighten up your day with this track. They recently remixed Envy’s third single “Collide.” Keljet has obtained early support from Kygo who has similar style. The duo describes their sound as indie disco and they add smooth summer vibes to the track. It is absolutely one to add to your chill playlist.

Release Date: July 10, 2014

“Nude (Stint Remix)” by Radiohead

radiohead - stint - pumpthebeat.com

If you are a fan of Radiohead then good for you. If you’re like “Who’s Radiohead?” then get educated. “Nude” from their most recent album In Rainbows has been remixed by Canadian, Vancouver-based producer, Stint. By using random objects in his vicinity along with his own vocals, he creates a ghostly and beautiful rendition of Radiohead’s work. “You paint yourself white and fill up with noise.” I love that lyric. Anyhow, check it!

PumpTheBeat.com Presents: Hudson Project Playlist


If you’re going then great, and if you aren’t then great. Here is just a small playlist of tracks I put together to give you a taste of how eclectic this weekend’s acts will be. I love a lot of genres of music, and so I decided to just throw on a bunch of songs from artists that I am excited to see this weekend, minus a few that I chose to leave out, namely Flylo… Anyhow, enjoy the tracklist and keep an open mind. At the end of the day that’s what music is all about!