Preview: In Colour by Jamie xx


Jamie xx, of The xx, is coming out with his debut solo LP this June. This past week, he introduced four imaginative songs from the project’s tracklist. His beats are noticeably more complex sounding than his contributions to The xx. “Loud Places” features his xx bandmate Romy. Envision The xx’s chill pop harmonies over a speedier James Blake-esque beat.

A solo career allows an artist more time and space to uncover their true energy. With “Girl” and “Sleep Sound” he breaks out of his comfort zone and uses his newfound liberation to his advantage. His original, chill dance music beats encompass both a sense of familiarity and elements of surprise. Stay tuned these upcoming weeks for further Jamie xx news and any In Colour leaks.

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Album: “Carrie & Lowell” by Sufjan Stevens


One of the most fascinating occurrences in the music world is the evolution of an artist over the course of their musical journey. Their experiences, informal education, and experimentation help shape a new sound with every recording they produce. Sufjan Stevens is no exception to this fact. With the exclusion of his electronic phase, Steven’s “sound” may seem fairly linear to the unfamiliar listener. But it is his lyricism and the topics he touches on that show his true maturity.

With his most recent release Carrie and Lowell, Stevens somehow provides candor with analogy in a raw and familiar way. Rooting from the death of his mother (Carrie), Stevens puts lessons he’s learned both from and about the past into art. In “Should Have Known Better” he sings “The past is still the past / A bridge to nowhere,” digressing on how he has learned to not dwell in what has happened but move on to the worthwhile.

All in all, there is no doubt Stevens has created something monumental. The sound comes off as nothing new from the beginnings of folk rock, but what is buried deep inside is something natural yet powerful.

“Lost Control” by Gypsy & the Cat


Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers have revealed the first single from their upcoming third album imminent this year. In 2012, the Australian duo started their own record label Alsatian Music. The same year, alongside Dave Fridman (MGMT, Tame Impala, Spoon and more), they produced their second LP, The Late Blue. I recommend sitting out on a sunny day with a Corona in hand if you wish to fully appreciate the acoustic surfer dream pop vibes the album emits. You can hear the album’s successful single “Bloom” below.

Gypsy & The Cat have finally returned after two and a half years. “Lost Control” delivers the same elation but with a stronger synth bass kick. Their sound remains relaxed, but implements aspects of EDM. You’ve drank all your Coronas, its now time to crack open the tequila and lose control.

“Buffalo” by Toro Y Moi


Chaz Bundick (Toro Y Moi) is set to drop his new album What For? April 7th. “Buffalo” follows his previously shared single “Empty Nesters”. Bundick told The Fader that “Buffalo” is the song that set the mood for the upcoming release. If this is true, then I am nothing but enthusiastic. Toro Y Moi may be one of the grooviest psych pop artist in modern day music. The disco funk melodies he integrates in this single will more than likely have you tapping your feet or bobbing your head.

The young musician graduated from the University of South Carolina where he met his close friend Ernest Greene, otherwise known as chillwave artist Washed Out. After the release of his debut album Causers of This in 2010 Bundick was invited on tours supporting Ruby Suns, Caribou, and Phoenix. Chillwave was a starting point, but elements of disco and R&B seemingly have been incorporated into his relaxed pop vibes. His sound continues to develop and transform with every album release. We’re excited to hear what Bundick does with What For?

“Let It Happen” by Tame Impala


In 2010 Tame Impala’s debut LP Innerspeaker won a Rolling Stone award for Album of the Year. The indie pysch rock band stepped further into legendary status with the release of Lonerism in 2012. In 2014, Lonerism was recognized as one of The Top 100 Best Albums of the Decade So Far by Pitchfork and was also voted #1 in Rolling Stone’s 2012 Album of the Year polls. Kevin Parker’s imaginative sound continues to evolve and this glimmery 8 minute single is proof. In this epic track Tame Impala build onto their electronic sound by incorporating robotic voices and ambient loops. The end gives off a trippier Daft Punk vibe. Like normal, the electronic track is built around the Aussie group’s golden harmonies.

They have announced a North American tour, but have yet to announce an album release date. We will keep you updated.

“Only Love Can Save Us” by Digital Farm Animals


London-based producer Digital Farm Animals recently premiered a bouncy indie jam entitled “Only Love Can Save Us,” the second record off of his upcoming EP. Following up on his first release of 2015, “Didn’t Know feat. (Yasmin),” DFA keeps the sultry vibes going with this tune, combining 90’s style synths with airy vocals, a driving bassline and an upbeat rhythm. As always with DFA, the track is expertly mixed, creating a beautiful soundscape that will definitely take you to your happy place. Enjoy and be on the lookout for Digital Farm Animals’ full EP dropping later this year.

“Technicolour Beat” by Oh Wonder


I’m convinced that time slows down when this song is played. London’s dynamic duo experiment with chill electronically fused ballads and bear simple, honest vocals like The XX. In September, Anthony and Josephine announced that an album will be out September of 2015 and they would be releasing each track as a single on the first of every month. With every delivery they accumulate attention and experience. The deadline encourages the geniuses to explore their ideas and venture with different elements and instruments. In an interview with, Josephine stressed that each song must be better than the previous. This is unique way of distribution is proving to be positive as they gain more and more of a following. We are eager to cover their April single.

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