“Technicolour Beat” by Oh Wonder


I’m convinced that time slows down when this song is played. London’s dynamic duo experiment with chill electronically fused ballads and bear simple, honest vocals like The XX. In September, Anthony and Josephine announced that an album will be out September of 2015 and they would be releasing each track as a single on the first of every month. With every delivery they accumulate attention and experience. The deadline encourages the geniuses to explore their ideas and venture with different elements and instruments. In an interview with hungertv.com, Josephine stressed that each song must be better than the previous. This is unique way of distribution is proving to be positive as they gain more and more of a following. We are eager to cover their April single.

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“Need” by Geographer



Geographer’s return after 3 years is looking more and more promising with yet another powerful single. This emotional tune incorporates loud drums and is heavy in synth which combines perfectly with Michael Deni’s high vocals. This single follows their last “Get Ready” which feels more familiar to Geographer’s dream pop vibe.

It was with the release of “Get Ready” that Geographer announced Ghost Modern. This is what Deni had to say about his thought process behind the upcoming third album, “When I was feeling stuck I would walk down to the bluffs and sometimes down to the water and run lines in my head over and over. The vision of that massive swath of blue, promising so much beneath and revealing so little on the surface, so terrifying but so beautiful, like ourselves.” Deep stuff ahead. Ghost Modern is expected in March.

Artist: Raury

Yesterday, Raury released the video for “Seven Suns” off of his 2014 debut mixtape, Indigo Child. The 18-year old Atlanta producer/singer-songwriter/rapper is already making a name for himself. His debut project, Indigo Child, demonstrates what the ambitious, young genius can do with his calm vocals and sonic rhythm. With Indigo Child, influenced by Andre 300 and Frank Ocean, Raury takes on a more progressive sound by implementing muse and imagination into his beats. Kanye liked the track “God’s Whisper” so much that he had Raury fly out to perform and kick it with him.

He further proves his talents in SBTRK’s Wonder Where We Land, in which he is featured in 2 tracks, “Higher” and “Forgotten”. As if his resume wasn’t already impressive, his track “Lost Souls” is featured in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. Needless to say, we should expect some big things this from the new Colombia Records signee this year.

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EP: “Future Protocol” by Argonaut & Wasp


On Friday night the guy’s of Argonaut & Wasp took to the stage of DROM in NYC for the big release of their debut EP entitled “Future Protocol”. This project has been in the works for awhile. After releasing “Pistol Pump Funk” back in July the guys were set to release the full EP, but decided to get back in the studio to perfect this debut project. Now 7 months later we have the final result of all Theo & Trey’s hard work in the form of this 4-track EP. [Read more…]

“Multi-Love” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra


Unknown Mortal Orchestra is back in full force. On February 5th UMO announced their upcoming album with the release of the title track “Multi-Love”. Their prior LP II (Best Alternative Album at the New Zealand Music Awards) can be interpreted as retro psych rock, because of the deep bass timbre and fuzzy warm harmonies of each track. It’s a record I can easily imagine being heard from a record player in the 60’s. Take a listen to “So Good at Being in Trouble” below.

UMO may be jumping a generation with this track since it screams 70’s funkadelic rock. Judging from “Multi-Love” its sounds like the Portland group has expanded their sound while staying true to their core lo-fi vibe. Both fans and music critics have high expectations for Multi-Love and there is no doubt in my mind that they will deliver.

Multi-Love is set to be released on May 26.

Artist: Wildcat! Wildcat!


Wildcat! Wildcat! is a fresh new psych-pop band that I think has been greatly over-looked the past year and a half. Last summer they came out with their debut full length, No Moon At All. I was lucky enough to see them at Lolla about a week after the release, and was nothing but impressed. Their live sound is genuine and exceeded my high expectations.

Many music critics have described their music as Indie R&B. It’s the ingenuity and of each member, Jesse Taylor (bassist/lead singer), Michael Wilson (keyboardist/singer), and Jesse Carmichael (drummer), that frames this unique feel. The LA trio started writing together in high school and in 2011 officially named themselves Wildcat! Wildcat!. Bands like Alt-J and Portugal. The Man have lent a hand in bringing their name to life by inviting W!W! on tour. Give them a listen!

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“Pay No Mind” by Madeon ft. Passion Pit


For the past few years French producer Madeon as been feeding us remixes, mashups, EPs, and singles. The 20 year-old has finally announced that his debut LP, Adventure, is due March 30th. Madeon leaves fans with even more anticipation after the drop of his third single, “Pay No Mind” featuring Passion Pit.

“Pay No Mind” is more upbeat compared to some of his past stuff and emits an indie electro pop vibe. This is what Madeon had to say in an email to FADER: “Pay No Mind’ is one of the earliest tracks I wrote for the album. I’ve been a huge Passion Pit fan for years so they came to mind right away.” With this brighter visionary collaboration, Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos assists Madeon in his exploration of the EDM genre. After observing the track listing (which includes Dan Smith of Bastille and Mark Foster) this song may be a sample of the route Madeon takes with Adventure.

Released: February 9th, 2015