Watch a guy sneak into dozens of music festivals in his documentary ‘NO CAMERAS ALLOWED’

NO CAMERAS ALLOWED is a festival documentary behind the eyes or should I say lens of director Marcus Haney. His love for music and festivals gave him that itch to see more and be more involved in the scene, in the documentary he takes you on a journey as a press photographer across multiple music festivals, but there is one catch too his gig he sneaks into all of them. NO CAMERAS ALLOWED goes in depth on the life of being backstage and seeing a press photographer at work.

His amazing gift of filming and photography pushed him to do what some would say as a bad thing by sneaking into all these events, but with all the risk there is plenty reward for Marcus as  he ends up touring with his favorite bands. The documentary has a huge mix of cameo appearances from Tiesto to Jay-Z, Skrillex, Passion Pit, and many more this documentary looks awesome, and we cant wait to see it, so check out the trailer and let us know what you think!

R. Kelly Announces House Album

Bold move cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for him… It seems as though R. Kelly will be joining the ranks of celebrities trying to dabble in the dance music scene. So far, we’ve got the likes of Paris Hilton, Waka Flocka Flame, and Shaq. The one main difference that will be setting R. Kelly apart is his R&B background. Not many R&B artists have tried to cross over into the dance music scene. So, for now, we don’t want to make any premature judgements as to what will happen. We can only hope that we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Tomorrowland Will Be Bringing Strangers Closer

Tomorrowland will be integrating social networking and real life connections into one bracelet. The main issue with meeting people at festivals and concerts is swapping contacts, which inevitably stops the fun. This is Tomorrowland’s solution.

The bracelet can be programmed before you enter the festival. Along with allowing access to the various locations within the festival like the main festival grounds and Dreamville (The camping location), the bracelet will also hold social information. This information will be pulled from your Facebook account. Once the heart button is pressed while in proximity with a new friend, the bracelets will communicate with each other and swap contact information. And boom, you’ve made a friend.

One concern that has popped up is the proximity issue of hundreds of bracelets. What happens if multiple people press their bracelets at the same time? Does this mean you make multiple friends, or do you make friends unintentionally with people you haven’t even met face to face. I guess this is all part of the fun of Tomorrowland. Just as a note to the festival promoters, I hope this concept is a success and will be transferred to TomorrowWorld.

Borgore Announces Pageant at Governors Island Show (July 5)

Couldn’t say that this type of event wasn’t expected from team Borgore. A few weeks ago, we were able to come out to his album release party at Pacha NYC. There, we listened to Borgore’s entire album. To say the least, we were definitely impressed with the entire release. There’s a variety of tracks from his lead singles like “Ratchet” to more melodic tracks.

For his upcoming show at Governor’s Island (July 5), the team at Borgore is planning on celebrating Borgore’s debut album “#NewGoreOrder” (Set to Release July 8). Along with a massive celebration at one of the best outdoor venues in NYC, Borgore will also be hosting a pageant. This “Buygore Pageant,” entrants can compete for a $1,000 cash prize. There are two categories: One for patriotic rave wear (no fuzzy boots please), and a talent show to showcase your twerking or pole dancing skills. Both competitions will be judged by Borgore himself.

As an extra gift to the fans, Borgore has released a free download for his instrumental version of “NewGoreOrder.”

Buy Tickets Here | Pre-Order #NewGoreOrder on iTunes

News: Tragedy Strikes SXSW Festival


Here is all you need to know about the sad tragedy that happened last night in Austin, TX. Austin has loved the contribution and attention from the SXSW and it’s a real shame that someone decided to drive drunk and ruin that night. CNN’s coverage gives a little more insight. Prays up to all the victims.

SXSW Official Site