Ultra Music Festival Drops Stacked Phase 1 Lineup

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Ultra Music Festival is gearing up for 2015, and they’ve definitely put some work into their Phase 1 Lineup.

For dance music fans, Ultra Music Festival stands as one of the top of the list in terms of “must attend” music festivals. As a bookend to Miami Music Week, Ultra Music Festival always has the pleasure of closing down Miami’s week of celebrations in style.

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Dillon Francis Talks New Show, The EDM Scene, And Remixes

dillon francis pumpthebeat.com

A couple of days ago, Dillon Francis sat down with Triple J to talk about a few projects that he’s been working on. He sat down with Triple J shortly after his performance at Supersonic & Field Day.

He starts off by commenting on his shoe-y that he did at Supersonic & Field Day. Essentially, he drank milk out of his shoe [Video Below]. Later in the interview, he talks about some of his thoughts about genres and different artists innovating new sounds in dance music, such as Jack U being untied to one specific genre. In the end, he announces his TV pilot that will be with MTV (His alter egos will not be included due to MTV wanting to take rights to his characters)

If you want to listen to all the great details, the interview will be below:

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Jenna Marbles Introduces EDM to SiriusXM Hits 1!

Jenna Marbles SiriusXM

I’m sure most of you have seen or heard of the infamous Jenna Marbles, most known for her viral YouTube antics and comedic rants. I personally have watched a few of her videos and wasn’t too impressed with her humor, but it’s clear that the vast majority of the CyberWorld can disagree with me.

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Calvin Harris Will Have A Role In The Entourage Movie [Updated 12/23]

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Calvin Harris has added more clues to his role in Entourage. For those unfamiliar with Entourage, Entourage is a fictional, HBO television show that follows the life of Vincent Chase, a character loosely based on Mark Wahlberg. After the end of the television series, an Entourage movie was announced; and since then, Entourage fans have been waiting for more details of the release.

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