“The Distortion Of Sound” – A Documentary on the Quality of Today’s Music

Here’s an interesting documentary on the quality of music we listen to today. Not just talking about the artistry and instrumentation, but the digital compensations of the music you listen to. The evolution of listening to music has grown tremendously in the past 50 years and the technology of compressing files has flipped the entire music purchasing experience. Instead of quality, people are attracted more to the convenience of music.

The short documentary above gives insight into what artists think about compressed music today. Artists like Snoop Dogg, Hans Zimmer, Quincy Jones, Slash, Steve Aoki, and more are all featured in the video. It’s insightful and while I have trouble agreeing with the views against conveniency, I think this video is an eye opener. Must watch for hardcore music fans.

“Compression has stripped emotion from every note.”

MTV Will Premiere “No Cameras Allowed” Festival Documentary

A couple of weeks ago, the internet was hit with “No Cameras Allowed,” a festival documentary following the adventures of James Marcus Haney. Sounds pretty basic, but it’s not. Haney, in “No Cameras Allowed,” traveled across the globe sneaking into music festivals and documenting his journey on film. The documentary follows Haney as he coordinates his ventures, as he photographs many events such as Ultra Music Festival, Bonnaroo, and Glastonbury to name a few.

A few weeks ago, Haney’s the documentary preview was leaked through a YouTube account. Shortly after, the preview was taken down and reuploaded onto his Vimeo account. Now, MTV will be airing the full documentary on August 29, 2014 at 10PM/9PM Central Time.

Electric Zoo 2014 Releases Banned Items List Including Camelbaks

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When incidents occur at festivals, it becomes the festival’s responsibility to ensure that the same incidents won’t occur the next year or at the very least, minimize the amount of incidents that occur. Last year, Electric Zoo had to cancel the third day of the festival due to two drug-related deaths. With these incidents, Electric Zoo took initiatives to educate festival goers in their anti-drug PSA, “Come To Life.”

Just recently, Electric Zoo has also released a banned items list, a tactic that events like Mad Decent Block Party and HARD Summer have also done. One banned item that has created some controversy are Camelbaks. Many fans are worried that accessing water will be difficult and are worried about the dangers of dehydration at summertime events like Electric Zoo. Made Events, the promoters behind Electric Zoo, have issued the below statement on their Facebook page:

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Diplo Responds To MDBP Kandi Ban, “I’m Just Here For The Music”

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Mad Decent Block Party, the annual touring block party that is hosted by Diplo’s label Mad Decent, has been under a lot of fire after their recent, publicized ban on many items. One of these items included kandi, which began this backlash from many fans and potential concert attendees. For those who may not know, Kandi culture stemmed from the early 90s as concert attendees promoted the underground scene and surrounding culture with PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect). To extend this concept, colorful jewelery (kandi), commonly made out of vibrant beads, would be worn to spread the message and to create a common ground that ravers could bond over.

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OwnPhones Are Possibly The Coolest Pair of Headphones Ever

In today’s earbuds industry, there aren’t many options. If you’ve owned a pair of earbuds, you probably have two choices: You could either choose the plastic earbuds, which struggle to give you isolated sound; or, you could choose the rubber earbuds, which can fit some people’s ears, but usually with discomfort and a fit that isn’t exactly perfect.

OwnPhones has a solution for all of that and more. You’ve probably already watched their product trailer above and know a ton about the product already. But if you’re wanting to learn more, I’ll walk you through what OwnPhones has to offer. Like I mentioned before, OwnPhones is possibly the coolest pair of headphones you’ll ever own and potentially, even your last pair of headphones you’ll ever need to buy. For more interested readers, I’ll include my top reasons why you should get a pair of OwnPhones.

Website | Kickstarter

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Rob Swire Reveals New Knife Party Demo

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If you’re a fan of Knife Party, you’ll know that they’ve been hard at work creating their newest album “Abandon Ship.” For those who have attended live shows, you also probably noticed that Rob Swire was missing from a few live performances.

The 12 track LP has a ton of hype surrounding it. From the hiatus from live performances to the mysterious tweets that both Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen releases has also added to the hype.

On Rob Swire’s SoundCloud page, he finally released a demo from the upcoming LP. The track, which according to him is heavily a WIP, is entitled “Boss Mode.” Although this release is not the final version, we get a good idea as to what the track is like.

In true Knife Party fashion, Rob has a little side commentary alongside the release. I’ve embedded his tweets below.

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Electric Zoo’s Anti-Drug PSA Has Been Leaked

This seems pretty appropriate as an answer from concert venues and promoters, during a time of constant negative press about the current dance music scene. Drug use at festivals and especially the negative repercussions of reckless drug use falls under the fault of the user. Recently, the media have been attributing these incidents to the music. Electric Zoo, like many others, see that education is at the crux of the issue. Their video to educate the public about Molly is called “Come to Life.” “Come to Life” is a campaign run by Electric Zoo to “Avoid The Risks.” Honestly, regardless of how horribly awkward the acting is in the movie, this definitely is a power move on Electric Zoo’s end.