WKND MZK – “Right Now”


So last week’s playlist seemed to do alright so why not take another shot at it. I put these together so that you all can get a different taste of what’s out there. Songs can be interpreted and felt much differently depending on thousands of variations. With what I have for you below, maybe it will make you feel some type of way. Right Now.

Video: “Hideaway” by Kiesza

Kiesza has got to be one of the best creative dancers out there. She recently played a show at Santos Party House in NYC, and while I didn’t attend, I am sure it was a full-blown dance fest. You don’t see this type of stuff very often, and she is clearly very open and comfortable with her talents…awesome. Calgary born and raised, and at a ripe young age of 25, she has been rising the ranks with her music, her dance, and her personality. Hats off to Kiesza and check out this video for her track hideaway which was released earlier this year.

“The Life” by Viceroy ft. Penguin Prison

the life penguin prison viceroy pumpthebeat.com

Viceroy is killing the summer anthem game with this release. As most of releases follow a similar theme, he really wants to further emphasize his motto “Summertime All The Time.” I don’t think anyone will complain with this one.

Penguin Prison is the artist on the vocals and creates a hook that I can imagine most people picking up fairly easily. One of the best summer anthems so far. Keep up the good work Viceroy.

Release Date: July 15, 2014 | Beatport | iTunes

“Break Free” by Ariana Grande ft. ZEDD

zedd ariana grande pumpthebeat.com break free

Starting from Nickelodeon to becoming one of the most well-known pop singers in the current scene, Ariana Grande has had quite a journey as a pop artist. A few weeks ago, it was hinted that Ariana Grande would be collaborating with ZEDD. As the days led up to the release of the full track, more hints were given and the title “Break Free” was leaked.

Grande gets the main credits to the track with ZEDD as the featured artist, but dance music fans will know to keep their ears open for the production side of the track. In the track, Grande sings about her liberties from her past love and how she is now able to “Break Free.” This track also serves as a preview for her upcoming album “My Everything.” It’s insane to see artists like ZEDD being called up for production roles like this. Can’t wait to see what other collaborations are in store for dance music artists outside of their genre of expertise.

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“OctaHate” by Ryn Weaver


Remember this name. Ryn Weaver is a pop singer who is based in New York and Los Angeles, and until last week, she was an unknown superstar. She released her debut single “OctaHate” early last week and it immediately took over the internet. Weaver’s vocals are on point in this one, and it was actually produced by Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos, Charli XCX, Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat. With a production crew like that, I’m not surprised that this track is nothing but pure gold. This girl is unbelievably talented and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her. Take a listen for yourself and be sure to give her a like on her Facebook page.

“Change” by Mapei


This girl’s got some serious pipes. We first heard from Mapei with her oft-remixed “Don’t Wait,” and she’s back now with another one that’s just gonna stick in your head. “Change” is a happy, nice little pop-y track that I’ve found myself humming along with after the first chorus. Sure, it doesn’t have the unique feel that “Don’t Wait” does, but in some ways that works here. Sometimes, you just want a song that’ll sound good with the windows down and the wind in your hair. Maybe you’re a little high, maybe you’re a little buzzed, maybe you’re just feeling great, maybe this song’s pumping. It’s a good day.

ThrowBack Thursday: “Get Together” by Madonna

One song that I think came out way before its time is “Get Together” by Madonna. Don’t knock it just yet but to this day I still think this song is one of the best dance songs I’ve ever heard. It’s just one of the those tracks that must be danced to and the beat behind it is great. There’s a build up towards the end that I think is awesome and all-around this song could surprise a lot of people. If released today, I’m sure it would be Top 10 in the US and remixed like crazy. The dance track, was originally inspired by Stardust’s epic dance hit, “Music Sounds Better With You”. I found a good remix by an artist called Bosich and he puts his own twist on it; making it into a slow house track kind of like something the mau5 would make. There are also some more to check out on iTunes via the link below. See what you think but I hope you’re really surprised. The video is above but I think it’s better without it and played loud!

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