“Can’t Keep Checking My Phone” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

UMO’s second single off their upcoming LP Multi-Love, “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone”,  advances the disco rock sound that the title track emits. The group continues to experiment with funky bass grooves supplementing Ruban Nielson’s calming high vocals.  Their new tracks possess much more texture than their previous albums. More instruments are being used and more up-beat, but complicated beats are being applied. UMO is traveling just about everywhere following the release of Multi-Love due May 26th. 

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“Climb into the Music (feat. Paul Kelly)”- Gypsy & the Cat

This is the second single off the psych-pop group’s upcoming LP. Based on the sound of this tune and “Lost Control” it seems their new stuff may be more focused around the groovy electronic beats. Despite the diversity of their music, G&C are successful at preserving their colorful vocals, a key aspect in their music.

They managed to snag Australian rock legend Paul Kelly to collaborate. This is definitely not Kelly’s realm, but he gave their sound the ingenuity they were looking for. His voice compliments Bacash’s harmoniously. A release date has yet to be announce, but we should expect the LP this summer.

“Never Been In Love” by Elliphant (RAC Remix)

NeverBeenInLove -RAC

Swedish singer-songwriter Elliphant released an EP featuring remixes of her new tune “Never Been In Love”. The eccentric hip-hop artist often works with prominent EDM artist of the time. The EP contains remixes from Theador, BASECAMP, Bixel Boys, Billboard, and, the most notable, RAC. The inditronic musician uses guitar to transform the song into a summer jam. RAC dropped Strangers I & II last year. The group is currently on tour until mid-may.

Album: “1st Bath” by Avid Dancer

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

It’s interesting to hear how certain genres transform generation to generation. In recent years innovative artists are testing the waters by incorporating elements of oldies and modern technology unifying the past and the present. The psychedelic rock genre is making a prodigious come back.

Rudimental snare drumming world champion Jacob Summers released his debut album today. The ex-Marine uses bass grooves and shimmering guitar licks to drive his album. The Doors-like keyboard fully suites the charismatic 60’s sounding album. His ability to experiment with different styles provokes interest throughout the LP’s entirety.There is no dull moment. “All The Other Girls” and “Stop Playing With My Heart” start the album on fire. He flawlessly slows down the pace with acoustic tunes “I Told You So” and “Why Did I leave You Behind”. Overall, 1st Bath is genuine and hopefully only an appetizer of what is to come from Avid Dancer.

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“Cause I’m a Man” by Tame Impala

Front man, Kevin Parker’s new anthem speaks to any man in a relationship. We men often do stupid shit without thinking about the consequences. Lady friends subsequently become angry with us and demand to know why we do what we do. We do not always have an answer, but this glimmery tune provides us with one. “Cause I’m a Man” is a song of regret and devotion carried by Parker’s falsetto.

Tame Impala have made some big moves these past two months. “Cause I’m a Man” follows their eminent 8-minute long March release “Let It Happen”. They have also booked a 2 month long tour which begins tomorrow. Looking forward, their newly announced LP Currents is expected to be available in a matter of months.

“Midnight Moon” by Oh Wonder


Oh Wonder delivers yet another mesmeric track. Every month Oh Wonder diligently works on bringing us a new song. April’s release “Midnight Moon” is tranquil like previous releases, but more spiritual. As the Spring-inspired song builds up it stimulates a rejuvenated feeling. The sitar with its unique, bright timbre is perfectly hooked in to support this feel.

Somehow the duo manages to enhance and improve their sound despite the pressure of the 30 day limit. Each month their following grows. Within just 8 months of releasing music the London group have booked shows in the US. They recently announced two shows in LA and Brooklyn. This is a pretty impressive feat for such a recent band. May can’t come soon enough.

Timeflies Tuesday: “Want To Want Me” by Timeflies

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 7.26.15 PM

In the past the guys the guy’s of Timeflies have been all about that bass, but this Tuesday they just want ‘tue’ get up next to you. Cal and Rez show some love to Jason Derulo who has been killing it lately by releasing nonstop radio hits over the past year, and thats why this weeks Timeflies Tuesday pays tribute to his latest hit “Want To Want Me”. Cal spits a freestyle to the names of Jason’s most popular tracks, and the video features footage from some of the their latests concerts. Just remember, with each Tuesday that passes we are getting closer and closer to some brand new Timeflies music! [Read more…]