“The Hills” by The Weekend (Sokene Remix)


I had to come out from PTB hibernation to post this track because it is an absolute killer remix of one of my favorite songs. Sokene truly does The Weekend justice with this bass heavy rendition.

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“Save Me” by Keys N Krates feat. Katy B

Save Me PumpTheBeat.com

The Canadian trio, Keys N Krates, presents their first single of 2015, “Save Me”, featuring Katy B. Continuing to reinvent electronic music, Keys N Krates blends their classic hip-hop sound with electric clashes and builds. Paired with the twisting and bending of Katy B’s vocals, this track is a treat for your ears. Check out the track below and take a look at their tour dates for a chance to see this the trio live!
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“Killa Bees” by Kayoh


I don’t know…this is, for me personally, just the ideal beat, tempo, and just about every other thing for, uh, pretty much every scenario in which I require music pounding in my ears! In all honesty, I had never even heard of Kayoh before the release of this track; but, I can’t deny that that’s forever changed, I’m going to be keeping a close on this guy’s releases!

Overall, the track mixes a pounding bass with an intense “my brain is bouncing around in my skull” rhythm, that has random moments where the artist can be heard saying “killa bees”. Once again, when I hear such holistically creative musical expressions like this one, I feel a desperate need to understand music to a much stronger degree. Anyways, I highly recommend listening to this song; I’m about to go for a run through downtown Toronto, I’m sure you can guess what will be playing in my ears.

Release Date: May 7th, 2015

“Stay (Machinedrum Remix)” by Daktyl ft. Dive Deep


Late last year, Daktyl dropped “Cyclical” LP via Mad Decent and his unique genre received huge praise from the online world. UK-based producer Machinedrum took a stab at one of tracks “Stay” featuring Dive Deep.

What was originally a mash of ambient sounds and snare rolls (definitely an over-simplification) has now become a track centered on the percussion. After a couple of listens, you’ll still notice another layer that you didn’t notice before.

Release Date: June 30, 2015

Video: “Run” by Alison Wonderland

Australian producer Alison Wonderland keeps pushing the creative envelope and brings her insane ideas to life in her music video for “Run.” Although there’s definitely a fun undertone to the story, the high production level intertwined with a vivid method of storytelling results in a compelling video that exemplifies the concept of “Run.”

Currently, the album “Run”  has charted at #1 on the Billboard US Dance/Electronic Chart and at the #1 Album on US iTunes Electronic chart. If it wasn’t apparent to you, Ms. Wonderland’s work is making serious waves. Without further delay, go ahead and take a moment to let yourself get lost in the world of Alison Wonderland.

“Fly” by Tomsize & Creaky Jackals


Mad Decent’s Tomsize and Creaky Jackals’s futuristic new release, “Fly”, will have you turning up the volume and blasting away into the night. It’s high energy right out of the gate, swiftly making its way into its first drop to the tune of “fly with me” repeating over and over again; and it only builds from there. It’s safe to say that this one’s going to start popping up in festival sets, because it’s absolutely massive.

“Save Me” by Keys N Krates feat. Katy B


Canadian trio Keys N Krates are back again with their melodic new single “Save Me”! With a delightful combination of soaring vocals from singer Katy B, striking synths, and layers upon layers of percussion, the track stands out as one of the most enjoyable and interesting trap releases of the year so far.