“Time To Rave” by The Partysquad & Punish

the partysquad pumpthebeat.com

The Partysquad teams up with Punish to bring you the perfect rave anthem. In the past, The Partysquad are known for bringing the energy to any set. With a hard hitting kick and rave-style synths, there’s definitely an infectious quality to the track. Partysquad has released the track through their own label, Rebel Yard.

Release Date: April 6, 2015 | Beatport

“Thriller” by TDY

TDY has got you covered this week as far as trap goes. This tune is a real banger with some classic trap sound mixed in with some cool synths and a repetitive but still interesting melody. I’m a huge fan of the percussion.

“Where Are Ü Now (Clinton Sparks Remix)” by Jack Ü ft. Justin Beiber

Our buddy Grammy-nominated producer/writer Clinton Sparks is back with a brand new remix. Usually we hear Hip-Hop influenced remixes from Clinton, but this time he slows things down and introduces his signature trap style in a new way. Ever since Skrillex and Diplo dropped “Where Are Ü Now” during Ultra Music Festival with Justin Beiber singing along on stage, this track has blown up and every producer has wanted their opportunity to remix it. Well very few producers can compete with a Clinton Sparks remix that is coming to you fresh out of the studio. He added new keys, a reengineered low end, some ingenious vocoder samplings, to give us a remix of this track unlike any that I have heard since it’s release.

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“BBHMM (Clips X Ahoy & Hype Turner Remix)” by Rihanna

Don’t act like you forgot about these guys! This new remix from Clips X Ahoy & Hype Turner is nice and grimy. The breaks in the first drop give it that trap essence, the second drop will have you dancing, and that third drop…? That third drop will have you losing your shit. These talented producers come through strong with this one, especially if you consider the fact that there’s a ton of other remixes to this song floating around on Soundcloud. This one definitely stands out. Go give these guys a follow, you won’t be disappointed.

“c i t i e s” by BLCK

This one’s coming to you straight from the underground, from a producer that goes by the name of BLCK, and his bio mysteriously reads “This is just a side project.” Side project or not, it’s some of the filthiest trap I’ve come across, and all six of the tracks he currently has posted on his Soundcloud go the hell in. I’m pretty excited and I look forward to seeing what else this guy can do. Go give him a follow, don’t sleep on this one.

“Indigo” by CRAY

cray indigo pumpthebeat.com
What’s up PTB readers, I’ve got a treat for ya today! A fine female producer from LA that’s sure to climb to the top of your favorites after this post. So not only does this talented young lady have the face of an angel, but seems to have musical ears from the same otherworldly realm. Keep your eyes on this girl as she’s also dating Canadian Trap god, XVII.

“Indigo” is definitely a good bit different from her other two heavy Trap bangers, but it isn’t any bit lacking in quality. Fittingly tagged with #Wayvee, CRAY evokes some super wavy feels with this track. Of course, it has plenty of bass to accompany the bright synths and reverb-heavy percussion. Overall this is a great song to listen to while sitting back and sparking up.

“Fireman” by TroyBoi

Fireman TroyBoi PumpTheBeat.com

TroyBoi‘s back at it with “Fireman”. While the track’s title may hint at extinguishing flames, these beats are catching fire. Leave it to TroyBoi to throw a bunch of unique sounds together, creating a trap beat sure to get your head bobbing. Of course, the track is filled with TroyBoi audio effects to keep your attention. The cherry on top is the reggae voice, which fits perfectly with the beat. Keep doing your thing TroyBoi. You’ve got a unique style everyone needs to hear.