“Gud Vibrations” by NGHTMRE & Slander


Young trap lords NGHTMRE & Slander have teamed up to bring the world “Gud Vibrations,” an 808-driven banger that breathes new life into the legendary Marky Mark tune of the same name. The magic of this record is that it seamlessly combines the instant catchiness of the original song with the dance-ability of modern bass music. I also love the stark differences between the two drops; the first is a beautiful, melodic future bass journey, while the second is just straight turn-up music. Enjoy this one and grab the download for free 99.

“Trap Arms” by Milo & Otis

trap arms milo and otis pumpthebeat.com

Oh, baby. Milo & Otis want you to throw up your trap arms in their newest track; and it’s definitely hard not to. They’ve dubbed the movement #TRAPARMS. If you don’t know what that is, take a look at the album cover as Milo & Otis take the lead on the motion. With your traditional gun shots, horn sounds, and other trap elements, this mix essentially is your poster child for trap music.

PumpTheBeat.com Presents: Trap Tuesdays Vol. 11


I feel like classes just started a week ago, but Spring Break is fast approaching and we all know what that means…. Beach trips, early spring festivals, dope music, and LOTS of drunk college kids. If you and your friends are headed anywhere with the intent of getting down, throw this playlist up and let the fun begin. Warm times are coming and I’m not sure if I’m more psyched for this weather or the music on this list. You be the judge – new Lookas, Stooki Sound, and a hot verse from upcoming Trap-rapper; Yung Fusion.

“Find Me” by Marshmello

#DeepJerseyTrap is the supposed genre of this amazing sound. When I close my eyes and listen to this track, I imagine riding a roller-coaster through a tunnel of lasers in the middle of EDC. Maybe I just have an overactive imagination, but damn this song is nice. Marshmello has such a unique style to his music with synths and bass lines from Festival music plus Trap-infused percussion and just a touch of Future Bass. Bonus points for the “Where’s Waldo” cover image too – very clever.

“Ain’t No Sunshine (Lido Remix)” by Bill Withers


Last year, Lido, Norwegian rapper, songwriter, and producer dropped this funky remix of Bill Withers’ beloved “Ain’t No Sunshine”. I just came across the jam and deemed it too sick to not share. You’ll understand where I’m coming from once it hits the 0:32 mark. He creatively starts the songs off with water drop sounds underneath the legendary blues song. With out warning the bass unleashes and carries the song. Take a listen.

“Young” by Haze & CLEMENT!NO

Trap music often gets a bad name – as I’ve mentioned previously – for being bland and repetitive. Especially with the huge surge of Festival/Big Room sounds that sprouted around the same time as Trap was birthed. Chill tracks like “Young”, however, take that stereotype and launch it light years off into space.

Haze and CLEMENT!NO are two relatively small producers from across the globe, Netherlands and Florida respectively, yet they are both masterfully crafting gorgeous tunes while retaining the heavy bass that goes hand-in-hand with the diverse genre of Trap. Let this release teasing Haze’s upcoming mixtape, Adumbrate, float you through your Monday blues!

“Slut Scene (CTFD Remix)” by Stack & Piece

This trapped out remix is coming to us from CTFD, also known as Calm The Fuck Down, and it’s part of the remix playlist that Stack & Piece posted. You can buy this remix here. Despite being a month old, the track only has about 2k plays, but honestly it should have way more. If this was dropped at a show, you’d probably be able to catch me trappin the hell out. Check out these artists, and be sure to check out Dirty Duck Audio.