“SkyFall” By Travis Scott ft. Young Thug (RL Grime and Salva remix)

This is another banger trap remix by RL Grime and Salva, this time of Travis Scott and Young Thug’s “Skyfall.” The first drop kinda comes from nowhere, but the format then follows throughout the song. The song is overall very dark which is typical of alot of RL Grime these days. Definitely a tune that’ll get people moving.

“Energy (GAWTBASS & Nato Feelz Remix)” by Drake


The Drake remixes will never stop, they’re gonna be steady popping up for the next few months – whether you like it or not. Like I said, it’s that new Drizzy Drake, that’s just the way it go. I, for one, couldn’t be more excited about all these remixes, especially for ones like this one that we got from Chicago native GAWTBASS & Nato Feelz, hailing from Portland, Oregon. Despite having already featured an “Energy” remix, I felt I needed to share this one with you guys as well because it has a completely different feel to it. It’s that grimy trap, just how I like it. If you’re a trap head like I am, press play, grab the free download, and give these awesome producers a follow.

“Know Yourself (EKALI Remix)” by Drake

Surely you’re familiar with Drake’s latest free mixtape by now. Just as suddenly as the collection popped up on fans a week ago, so have producers been quick to release renditions of their favorite songs; as we saw earlier from Madeaux’s Energy remix via Serge. Today we’ve got EKALI‘s take on one of the more popular tracks from IYRTITL, Know Yourself.

EKALI has definitely been on top of the latest Hip-Hop releases, also tackling Drake’s recent feature on “Blessings” which I threw below for y’all to listen to.

Free downloads galore if you go Like his Facebook!

PumpTheBeat.com Presents: Trap Tuesdays Vol. 10


Never thought I’d see the 10th volume of Trap Tuesdays, but here we are. This weeks’ list features the sweet DJ Mustard-influenced “Faded 2.0″, some twerk-worthy Dim Mak releases, and some new Hucci. Watch out for the mood-change when the list slows up while keeping that deep 808 under some classic Drake vocals.

As always, I’d love to hear any feedback you all have as well as any artist/track suggestions for the next 10 volumes of Trap Tuesdays!

EP: “Programmer’s Dream” by Compsci

compsci programmers dream ep pumpthebeat.com

EP’s often get overlooked, I feel. It seems that there is such a push for full-length albums that they usually take the spotlight while EP’s get lost amongst the singles.

Compsci, a producer whose Soundcloud only stretches about a year back, reminds us all of the eloquence and value that comes from well-made EP’s. Check out the track-by-track breakdown below.

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“Woah” by Meaux Green

This is a real heavy trap remix of Black Rob’s Woah. The song is sped up a lot compared to the original which fits with the “Rave Hop” description that Meaux Green gives for the song. The whole song has an overall quick feel to it compared to most trap. The whole piece is short but sweet so if you’re craving some more  Meaux Green be sure to check out his soundcloud.

“Swagga” by Dapp

swagga dapp

We featured Dapp twice back in the month of December, so to be featured again is really saying something about his music. TStill and I, we both told you all to keep an eye on this guy, and I’m not sure whether you took our word for it or not. Despite whether you did or didn’t, he’s back at it with this heavy hitter, and there’s no chance in hell you guys can sleep on him now. This shit is HEAVY, and WILL have you moving. Perfect for any trap-head. Give it a play, and be sure to give him a follow.