“You Make Me” by Feki

You know those roller-coasters that go through a tunnel and you think ‘this doesn’t look too crazy’ only to be dropped from 4 stories 30 seconds later? This track is something like that.

It begins with a simple progression of synth bloops, orchestral sounds, soothing vocals, all over ambient water sloshes. But that vibe transforms entirely at the one-minute mark. What began as a smooth ride into a melodic tunnel morphs into a full speed charge at gritty experimental dance music. Check out Feki as he trail-blazes his way onto the Australian EDM scene.

Grab this track for free along with some samplings from Feki‘s labelmates on Stoney Roads.

“One More (ELOQ Remix)” by Elliphant ft. MØ

one more elliphant mo pumpthebeat.comAfter teaming up with Skrillex for a track and accompanying remix EP “Only Getting Younger”, the Swedish artist Elliphant released a minimal beat with accompanying vocals from the Danish singer – entitled “One More”. Well this song hopped across the Øresund Bridge where ELOQ got his hands on it. He kept the original in tact while throwing some ambient sounds on top. ELOQ adds the perfect amount of groove to take this Danish track and evolves it into a smooth Scandinavian Future Bass tune.

Definitely check out the dark, seductive video for the original track below.

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Video: “DnF” (eSenTRIK Remix) by P Reign ft. Drake & Future

To my personal dismay, Trapstep Network continues to be one of the hidden gems of the internet. Whenever on the prowl for a fresh remix, they have yet to let me down, and I know they won’t start any time soon. In fact, just a few days ago, they released eSenTRIK’s take on “DnF”. As far as my personal opinion goes, to get “Dnf” is a recipe for impending complications. Whatever. Either way, eSenTRIK kills it with this remix, with the possibility of warming up those who weren’t too fond of the original to begin with. I wouldn’t by-pass this track.
Release Date: December 11th, 2014 

“Tell Me (Baauer Remix)” by RL Grime & What So Not

Baauer adds some trap flavor to this one. The original has a slower, big room house feel to it, but this remix tears up any remnants of that slower beat. Introducing the song with some clean vocals, Baauer grabs the attention of listeners. And if you weren’t hooked from the beginning, the drop will have you begging for more. I really hope there is more to this track. Just under two minutes is not enough.

“Vanguard” by Slander

vanguard slander pumpthebeat.comGo ahead and forward this track to all your friends, just so you can say “I told ya so.” “Vanguard” is a monster of a track that delivers the whole way through. By definition, a Vanguard is a group of people leading the way in new developments and ideas. That being said, “Vanguard” is a very fitting title, as Slander is poised in leading the dance music scene going into the new year. Given how filthy this song is, I’d consider it nearly impossible to piss your neighbors off,no matter how loud you bump this track.

Release Date: December 16th, 2014

“Contempt” by aywy. and Ekali

This song starts off with a really smooth sound, which gives way to some typical trap pops and wobs. The tune then builds slowly, culminating with an intense jet engine-transformers esque drop. The song never really gets that heavy, but the bass comes through, and the steady rhythm keeps it ever present in your ears.