“No Scrubs (Kayzo Remix)” by TLC

kayzo tlc no scrubs pumpthebeat.com


A little change from Kayzo’s usual hardcore sounds, but this is something that definitely works with us. First things first, who doesn’t love TLC? 

Here’s a new and improved version of the track. With a little bit of trap and a little bit of deep house influence, this remix still maintains the chill feel of the original but ramps things up a little. Awesome to see Kayzo able to change things up with his production.

“DKNY” by Yellow Claw


Amsterdam’s twerk kings are back with a surefire club banger entitled DKNY, sampling a slick line from the Big Apple’s rap godfather himself, Biggie.  Yellow Claw just gets better with each release, and here they really showcased their musical chops with some soulful chord progressions and creative vocal sampling towards the end of the track.  As inspired by the cover art and vocals, this is one of those songs you can just walk through the city zoning out to.  Enjoy and grab the free download above.

“Realm” by Hucci


With the Release of “Realm” Hucci fortifies his spot amongst some of the most note worthy names within the Trap community. Having dropped a short clip of this song back in December ’13, Hucci caught many of us by surprise with the full version that shows whimsical placement of vocal samples, distortion, and irregularities in patterns. “Realm” articulates ambience that incites introspective thought as it’s one of those songs that just seem to put you in the ” zone”. Deep Breathes.

Release Date: September 9, 2014 

PumpTheBeat.com Presents: Trap Tuesdays Vol. 1

pumpthebeat.com trap tuesdays

Every day I run across tons of typical Trap tracks. The kind of songs that not only give Trap its bad rep, but also drag the genre down altogether. I absolutely love the diversity of Trap music (as you will find below), but these tracks still possess the core elements of the young EDM subgenre – the chill-inducing deep bass notes, the festival crowd-hype, and the fusion of Hip-Hop & EDM.

Therefore, I aim to bring you a brand new PumpTheBeat Playlist: Trap Tuesdays that will showcase the immense potential that these talented artists produce. The first week brings you heavy hitters such as Kill The Noise, Yellow Claw, and Dan Farber but also touches on some lesser-known names like The Ninetys, S.E.D., Zagor.

If you feel that I missed some great artists or releases, I’d be more than happy to check them out and maybe throw them on Volume 2. So comment below, Trap enthusiasts!

“This Is How We Do (Grandtheft Remix)” by Katy Perry

thisishowwedo katy perry grandtheft pumpthebeat.com

Katy Perry seems to be on the trap train. First with Brillz, and now, we’ve got a little bit of Grandtheft. Instead of focusing on the main elements of the original, the vocals, Grandtheft uses Perry’s main phrase, “This Is How We Do,” and he pretty much takes it to a whole new level.

The main focus for the remix is definitely the production. Grandtheft shows Katy Perry fans what trap is all about. With deep bass kicks, snare rolls, and even some piano sounds, the remix will keep you jamming out.

“Jump Around (Jantsen & Dirt Monkey Re-Twerk)” by House of Pain

It’s that time again, folks. The first Friday of the Fall semester. You know what that means? Turn up time is finally here.

Yea, the summer is awesome and boat parties are cool – but there’s something unique about college parties. Maybe it’s the excessive amounts of insanely cheap alcohol, maybe it’s the feeling of closeness as you brush against your fellow classmates, or maybe it’s the girl shaking her God-given gifts across the room. Whatever it may be, this song is perfect for all of your late night collegiate endeavors.

If that wasn’t enough, it’s got the biggest selling point for anyone with student loans – free stuff! Mad props to Jantsen and Dirt Monkey for reviving one of the most hype songs ever created.

“Go Harder 2.0″ by JayCeeOh & Made Monster

JayCeeOh & Made Monster - Go Harder 2.0 - pumpthebeat.com-jpg

JayCeeOh, one the fastest rising producers, has teamed up with Made Monster; who aims to reintroduce showmanship to a culture that has been plagued by the stagnancy of pre recorded shows. ” Go Harder 2.0″ goes just has hard as the title hints at. This song beasts and feasts with the combined sounds of electro, trap, and even a bit of hardstyle. The only way to do this song any justice is to crank up the volume.

Release Date: August 22, 2014