“Hard In The Paint” by SAMPLR x THE GROTTO

the grotto samplr hard in the paint pumpthebeat.com

Seriously one of the most underrated trap tracks I’ve ever come across. These newcomers have dropped a formidable track that should scare fellow producers into doing better. SAMPLR, “A kid with a Macbook and some secondhand headphones” and The Grotto, composed of Aaron Van Den Hoek & Chad Leverington from South Australia, are new prospects we need to keep our eyes on and ears open for. “Hard In The Paint” hits hard with it’s sharp laser sounds and thumping bass, and I guarantee any trap-head like myself will lose it to this song.

“Burial (Moody Good Remix)” by YOGI ft. Pusha T

YOGI ft Pusha T - Burial (Moody Good Remix) PumpTheBeat.com

YOGI is definitely making moves in the trap game. For his upcoming release, YOGI is preparing for a remix EP for his track “Burial.” With dark vocals featuring Pusha T, the track already had a ton of potential. YOGI is a trio that knows trap.

OWSLA labelmate, Moody Good, however, brings more of a heavy feel to the table. You probably noticed once the drop kicked in. The remix EP will be featuring remixes by Skrillex & Trollface, Moody Good, and Crookers. All I know is, OWSLA is definitely making hard moves this year.

Release Date: November 13, 2014

WKND MZK: “It’s Very Simple”

"It's very simple" - pumpthebeat.com

This week was a difficult one in finding the right songs to fill this playlist. Hopefully you all find use of these. Seems like the line drawn between good music and music that is down right horrible is becoming more and more blurred these days. But what makes music ‘good’ be definition. That, my friend, is not set something set in stone.

Dillon Francis released his remix to “Some Chords” yesterday that will be on deadmau5 5 Years of Mau5 remix album coming soon. Make sure you check out the crazy “Work” remix. Pure festival shit. Should not have overlooked that Minnesota remix. Beyond that, it’s all over the place. Love the weekend.


“Take Ü There (Slander Remix)” by Jack Ü

Jack Ü - Take Ü There (Slander Remix) PumpTheBeat.com

Seriously, what a monster release. Heaven trap? Unfortunately, not this time. But, we’ve got something that’s just as good. Slander, as always, is delivering a massive trap track.

Snares, low frequency synth shots, and percussion sounds are a few of many things that are right with this song. The fast cuts are what definitely cut me off guard. Amazing stuff from Slander. Definitely a track that I could see both Skrillex and Diplo including in their sets.

“Smacked” by Mr. Carmack

Mr. Carmack starts off with some eerie bass wobs that let you know what he means by the title “Smacked”. But then the song tricks you into thinking its just some funky trance. The middle of the section builds steadily, with the typical progressions, but never in a way that prepares you for the second half. And ill just leave it at that.

PumpTheBeat.com Presents: Trap Tuesdays Vol. 3


It’s that time again – Monday is over, humpday is tomorrow, and I know we could all use a little something to make the week pass a bit easier – that’s where Trap Tuesdays comes in.

Today we bring the talents of Wizard, Instant Party!, DJ Green Lantern, Flying Buff, and many more! Watch out for bass-heavy themes but specifically some booty-shaking party-starters, unique and deadly Festival sounds, as well as some expertly crafted melodic/ambient Trap.

This week I also added a bonus selection of tracks courtesy of Tropkillaz & Buum TraxBoa Noite EP… Trust me when I tell you that each of these remixes (and of course the original) are HOT in their own unique ways!

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“The Way U Do (RL Grime Remix)” by Shlohmo

The Way U Do (RL Grime Remix) - Shlohmo PumpTheBeat.com

Rl Grime has been killin it lately and this Shlohmo remix is one of many reasons he has got so much hype. This is one of the best chill tunes for when you’ve already had a chance to bump some sick speakers and wanna hear that sub sing just one last time before you call it a night. With a lot more energy than the original, you can hear Rl Grimes trap influence throughout, although the overall chill vibe of the song is reminiscent of deep house or some chiller dubstep.