“Slide ” by Owlesque//Sonder

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Owlesque, the new name of Sonder, is a young DJ out of Colorado, who has been producing a number of really sweet new sounding stuff. The first song on this playlist, Slide, has been one of my favorite of his tunes for a minute now, and has been around since the Sonder days. A newer release, Over Me, has some awesome trap influence and drops harder than most. Finally his remix of Nero’s “Guilt” has an awesome intro and picks up quickly. It is an awesome refresh of a classic.

Someone Tweeted A Remix At Skrillex And It’s Now Being Officially Released

skrillex pumpthebeat.com

It’s fairly rare to hear up-and-coming producers/artists get recognized through social media sites like Twitter; but apparently, Skrillex occasionally listens to demo submissions through his @ replies. According to FADER Skrillex said, “I found this remix after I got a tweet from someone saying, ‘Hey check out this bootleg some kid did’.”

The bootleg in question is of our good friend Jai Wolf’s remix of “Ease My Mind.” Jai Wolf is a producer from NYC, who’s been on the move in terms of his releases. After a few good listens, there’s definitely no doubt about the fact that this remix deserves a spot on Skrillex’s remixes EP. Alongside Jai Wolf, GTA, Teddy Killerz, and Skrillex vs. Zomboy will have their remixes released as well. Seriously, big ups to Jai Wolf for coming this far.

Release Date: November 24, 2014

“On tha Flo” by Luzcid and Nghtwrk ft. Al Kapone

Luzcid and Nghtwrk bring us “On Tha Flo” featuring Al Kapone. The song starts with a high pitched electronic melody that fades into some rap lyrics. And of course, these lyrics are all about shaking that ass. But never mind the lyrics, this trap beat is out of this world. The first drop is good with that bass whine fading in and out. However, the second drop is far better. Something about the variation of chops in this drop, makes it impossible to stay still. Take a listen, you’ll be glad you did. And if you aren’t at least you saw that picture.

“Imminent” by LV & Josh Idehen

Josh Idehen and LV have crafted a bit of a funny one with this song. The intro line that is repeated again and again throughout the song stating basically that “that boy’s” end is imminent combined with some real heavy bass is a surefire way to make anyone dance and act stupid as all hell. I like to think of this song as a grime version of the famous Harlem Shake; a real basic way to get everybody fired up and letting loose. Despite the fact that nobody knows what it means, it gets the people going!

“Heroes (Grandtheft Remix)” by Alesso ft. Tove Lo

grandtheft heroes alesso tove lo pumpthebeat.com

A whole array of impressive “Heroes” remixes have been flying out. Whether or not they’re officially being released through Alesso’s upcoming remixes EP, every track I’ve heard has had their own unique flare in some way or another.

Grandtheft, obviously, adds his trap flares to the mix. In a big-room sort of way, Grandtheft uses his 808s and the deep bass sounds to bring the energy level up a notch. Grandtheft has also announced new tour dates, which will be included below.

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“Ascension” by Slander & NGHTMRE

nghtmare slander pumpthebeat.com ascension

With a collaboration based on friendship, “Ascension” turned out be a massive release for both Slander and NGHTMRE as they’ve got the internet buzzing with this one. This track draws from a multitude of influences with big room kicks and progressive house build ups sampled by Lil Jon’s vocals. It’s a provocative blend that’s get real dirty real quick. Listen to this song at your own discretion, because you’ll probably find yourself too turnt, too soon. Psyched  to see what these guys will come up with next.

Release Date: November 18th, 2014 

“Sting” By Willy Joy & BUKU


Sting is a hot new track conceived out of a collaboration between Willy Joy and Buku. It comes on part of their new 2 song release titled “Leaner and Meaner EP” which I will leave below. There is some pretty heavy stuff in both songs, and its impossible to choose the best between the two, as the second track, Punani has got a more bouncy dance tune, while sting definitely drops the hardest.

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