Clinton Sparks Guest Blog: “Inside your car looks like the trash compactah from Star Wars” [PTB Exclusive]

We are extremely excited to announce that Clinton Sparks will be joining us as a guest blogger and sharing some stories from his years of experience in the music industry. Check out what Clinton had to say about about Mike Posner in his first Pump The Beat post! 

“So one day my manager calls me and says, “You should check out this dude Mike Posner, he has some good music.” So I go and get familiar with him and his music. I instantly liked his unique rough around the edges sound and immediately got some ideas & knew I wanted to work with him.

 I got in touch with him and we started kicking it. He was about to put together a new mixtape and liked what I did earlier with a Chester French project I had orchestrated and wanted to do something similar but with his flare. I, of course, agreed to be a part of it. That mixtape was titled “One Foot Out The Door” which was fitting because at this point with his fan base growing and popularity rising he, in fact, had one foot out the door.

 Anyhow, he wanted me to be involved so I produced some stuff and talked some sh#t. That project got extremely positive reviews and Mike was on the verge of being a star. By the way, the sh#t talking I did on that mixtape was something else much like my line in “Ambiguous” that I was unsure of keeping but Mike loved it and in turn so did a lot of the listeners. One I heard back a lot was, “I don’t live in my truck anymore. Now trucks live with me.” Or commenting on how once I started having some success, a saleswomen sized me up one time in a store and assumed I was broke and said, “Would you like me to show you what’s on sale?” and I replied “How about you show me what’s NOT on sale?” Stupid but that’s how I was feeling at the moment. 

 So, Mike and I went on to hang out and make more music. One time in LA he picked me up in his junkbox of a car and it was literally cluttered with garbage on the floor. You couldn’t even see the floor and I said, “Man this looks like the Trash Compactah (in my Boston accent) from Star Wars.” Mike still mimics that line when we hang out. On this day we were just cruising around & I said the word “Ambiguous” in a casual conversation I then paused.

 I thought for a minute and said, “Dude, we should make a song actually called “Ambiguous” one because its a fun word and two because a lot of people won’t know what that even means. He agreed and we went to the studio, I made the beat, we wrote it and the he cut his vocals. We inevitably got Big Sean. Fast forward a few months later. I hit up Sean and Mike and said let’s do a video and Sean tells me that they will both be in Detroit tomorrow. I quickly gathered a couple of camera guys and we were on a plane to Detroit because I knew this would be our only opportunity to have all three of us together. We got no permits, no permission to shoot at the MGM grand, no plans, and I just went with the ideas I had in my head & we shot it guerilla style. (Turned out pretty awesome if you ask me)

 Side note: if you watch behind Sean performing you’ll see me & Mike joking & I swing my arm & the fireplace turns off & we both thought I broke it & you can see the shock in our faces. Anyhow, Mike was deathly sick and the video shoot for Ambiguous. He walked into my hotel room and literally fell on the floor & said, just tell me when you need me. I then heard Far East Movement was in town so I hit them & told them to come thru & that’s when I got the idea for Sean to tell his story part and the end of the song to them.

 The day we premiered the video on we got so many hits that it shut down their server. The video has well over a million views and I still get comments on the song while I’m out doing shows or online. Since then Mike and I have performed it together as well as with Sean. We’ve never all three been together to perform it. I’ve since made another record w/ Mike titled “IDKurName” and we plan to work together on a new record for my Disco Ball and Chain album coming soon.”

-Clinton Sparks #GetFamillar

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