“Kayne (Ayo Alex Remix)” by The Chainsmokers

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I’ve been waiting for someone to take advantage of the euphoric vocals present in The Chainsmoker’s track, Kayne, for a while now. Finally, Ayo Alex has done exactly that. This remix begins with some vocal shots, a kick, and a clap, getting your ears warmed up for what is to come. Building the groove a little more, the artist introduces a melody produced by a bass heavy, rumbling sound. Now that the stage is set, he adds those Kayne vocals we’ve all known to love, pairing them with a drawn out piano riff that makes you feel the music even more. From here on out, you’re hooked. Take a listen below. You’ll have this track stuck on repeat for the rest of the day.

“W.O.M.E.N.” by I’m From Finland

I am from finland PumpTheBeat.com

Pretty glad I found this artist. He’s got a lot of great songs that will have you kicking back and chilling all day. This example, “W.O.M.E.N.”, starts us off with some musical whines, which the song goes back to from time to time. As this sound continues, a few guitar riffs are throw in before the song speeds up a little with the addition of a kick. Along with this, a few hi-hats and claps are added to further develop the rhythm. If you’re looking to relax, plug the headphones in, put this artist on shuffle, and press play. The rest will take care of itself.

Album: “Shady XV” by Eminem & Shady Records [FULL STREAM]


Em fans rejoice. To celebrate 15 years of Shady Records and all the labels achievements, Shady has released this two-disc compilation that’s titled Shady XV. The first half of the album, “X,” consists of 12 brand new tracks with features from Big Sean, Danny Brown, Sia, Skylar Grey, Dej Loaf, and Trick Trick. The second half, “V,” includes some of Em’s biggest hits, with a few hits from 50 Cent, Yelawolf, Slaughterhouse, D12, and Obie.

Pick up Shady XV now online (iTunes, Amazon) and at retailers near you.

Stream Below:

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EP: “Ease My Mind / Ragga Bomb (Remixes)” by Skrillex

ease my mind ragga bomb PumpTheBeat.com skrillex

Finally, the EP that has been creating a ton of noise on the internet has finally been released. On Skrillex’s remixes EP of “Ease My Mind” and “Ragga Bomb,” we get remixes by Skrillex vs. Zomboy, GTA, Teddy Killerz, and Jai Wolf, the lucky producer who got picked up through Twitter.

The remixes were curated by Skrillex himself, and you can definitely tell. If you’re into Skrillex’s music, you’ll definitely be able to find something you like in the EP.

Release Date: November 24, 2014 | Beatport

“Saviour (Psychedeletribe Remix)” by Alpines

Psychedeletribe, also known as Austin Jones, brings us this remix of “Saviour” by Alpines. In this remix, he adds a few melodies made from vocal chops of the previous song, lifting the song to a more upbeat feel. On top of these vocal chops, there’s some short synth riffs, which really keep your interest as the song progresses. With all these different sounds, there is a lot going on, but somehow this artist manages to keep the harmony. Take a listen and give this guy a follow. He should definitely have more than he currently does.

“Adderall (Gazzo & Sweekuh Remix)” by The Heydaze

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Over this past summer, The Heydaze made a very clever and entertaining track called “Adderall.” Drafting the lyrics probably took a significant amount of time, but the end result is amazing. The pop, punk band is able to draw parallels with adderall and that girl that always catches your eye.

Gazzo and Sweekuh extended this punk feel with their house remix. Full of pitched vocal samples and other fun elements that Gazzo and Sweekuh were able to cook up, this track will turn any day into a good one. Low key, the sax definitely takes the spotlight for me on this track.