Video: Summer Set Festival 2014 Aftermovie

While Western Wisconsin may not strike you as party central, from what I can see, I might have second thoughts on what I was doing this past summer. Summer Set Music & Camping Festival is fairly new to the music scene. Judging by the aftermovie, there was no short supply of fun. Thought the video provided some good music and the first half is just all groove. Check it out and if you’re in the area next year, might be a good choice. The line-up was serious.

Summer Set will be back for 2015 and you can do a survey to enter to win 4 passes to next year here.

Summer Set Festival Official Website  |  Festival Photos

Mix: “Artist of TheFuture” by MAKJ is a platform that allows for the streaming of DJ mixes and live sets. Kind of like a SoundCloud but just dedicated to mixes.

Recently, has partnered with various DJs to create their “Artist of TheFuture” series. This mix is curated by an artist who rose to stardom through his innovative mashups. MAKJ now has released numerous tracks to establish himself as a big-room artist. The mix features throwback tracks all throughout. Something that’s definitely characteristic of MAKJ.

“Hard In The Paint” by SAMPLR x THE GROTTO

the grotto samplr hard in the paint

Seriously one of the most underrated trap tracks I’ve ever come across. These newcomers have dropped a formidable track that should scare fellow producers into doing better. SAMPLR, “A kid with a Macbook and some secondhand headphones” and The Grotto, composed of Aaron Van Den Hoek & Chad Leverington from South Australia, are new prospects we need to keep our eyes on and ears open for. “Hard In The Paint” hits hard with it’s sharp laser sounds and thumping bass, and I guarantee any trap-head like myself will lose it to this song.

Video: “Unholy” by Wolfgang Gartner ft. Bobby Saint [Lyric Video]

Wolfgang Gartner is a figure that has led the dance music scene all around the globe. If you’re familiar with his tracks, he usually favors electro sounds and is a huge fan of intricate layering and melodies.

When it comes to music production, Wolfgang Gartner is at the top of his game. “Unholy” is a whole new sound that fans have yet to hear from Gartner. Accompanying this nu-disco track, we get the soulful vocals of Bobby Saint. Up-beat and full of life. This track will definitely get you going during any time of the day.

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Listen To The 10 Most Shazamed Tracks of ADE

amsterdam dance event shazam

We’re back with another ranking of popular tracks. This time, Shazam released the top 10 most Shazamed tracks from Amsterdam Dance Event.

Judging by what the rankings include, a ton of people were either extremely captivated by deep house sounds or were all at the Oliver Heldens set. Either way, it seems as though European dance fans are digging the deep vibes.

Aside from the Heldens takeover, we’ve got some surprising tracks towards the top of the list. Check out who ended up on the #1 spot below:

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“Crank” by Kayzo x Seek N Destroy


Yep, Kayzo’s on a producing rampage; and he’s doing big things. The main theme for his tracks is obviously a heavier, darker feel. That’s what he tends to lean towards. Recently, he came out with his “No Scrubs” remix, which had a completely different kind of feel.

With “Crank” a collaboration with Seek N Destroy, we go back to his darker roots. More of an electro track, but the layered percussions definitely surprised me. Kayzo’s trying to be different, and it’s definitely receiving a ton of love.

TomorrowWorld Will Be Returning In 2015


After a very successful second year, TomorrowWorld has officially locked in on its third year. Next September, ID&T, the promoters of the event, will be bringing TomorrowWorld back to Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia.

A few months ago, 160,000 festival goers came together to experience the madness of TomorrowWorld. The festival attracted an eclectic group of artists ranging from Bassnectar, A-Trak, Skrillex, Showtek, and more! Genres like deep house, electro house, festival house, and even hardstyle were represented at the event.

DreamVille will also be featured again at TomorrowWorld, which served as a temporary home to over 40,000 fans a night. This past year, TomorrowWorld had to expand DreamVille due to the unexpected amount of people.

Currently, ID&T is in the works of finding a location for Tomorrowland India. As for fans of TomorrowWorld, the aftermovie will be here soon. Be sure to keep an eye out for it here, as we’ll put it up right when it is released.

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