Lights All Night Music Festival Announces Massive Headliners

lights all night headliners

Headliners for Lights All Night music festival in Dallas, TX has just been announced. And, you can pretty much tell by just looking at it that the acts are massive. Skrillex, Armin Van Buuren, and Disclosure are the acts announced so far, and there will be another special headliner for the Friday show.

In the past, Lights All Night has hosted acts like deadmau5, Avicii, Kaskade, Krewella, and many more. More details on the full lineup will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

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“Ping Pong (Dani Deahl Remix)” by Armin van Buuren

ping pong dani diehl remix

Any interesting release by Armada that may cause some controversy within the #TranceFamily. Regardless, Dani Deahl crushes this remix. Using the ping pong elements from Armin Van Buuren’s original track, she pitches the drop all around and adds trap elements to her remix. The main melody is still intact in a few areas like the build, which lets the listener know that this is, in fact, a “Ping Pong” remix.

Release Date: July 28, 2014

Event: “Armin Only: Intense World Tour” [April 11th-Madison Square Garden,NYC]

In just under a month Armin Van Burren will bring the ‘Armin Only: Intense’ tour to the United States. The first stop being Madison Square Garden in New York. Just a year ago he packed this same venue with Trance fans from all over the world for his ‘A State Of Trance 600′ show featuring W&W, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, and Alex M.O.R.P.H. This year Armin is returning to the worlds most famous arena, but he is doing things very different for this massive live event that is ‘Armin Only’. What sets this show apart from anything you have seen before is that it includes a 6 hour set from Armin, live vocalists, a live band, trampolinists, and many other incredible surprises that will be used in the making of this incredible night, in one of the greatest cities in the world. Back in December we attended a press event/fan meet-and-greet event for this tour at a wine bar in Long Island City, NY. We had the opportunity to listen to Armin describe to a small group of 150 of his dedicated fans, and members of the media about why this tour so special compared to the countless number of shows he has done in the past. Even after he had been doing press for the previous 12 hours you could still just see the excitement in his face when talking about ‘Armin Only’ and how excited he is to bring this show to New York. We also had the chance to talk to Sander Reneman (Armin’s Tour Manager/Creative Director of Armin Only) who was equally as excited to see this production that they spent many long hours on finally come to fruition. In an industry where production has become almost as important as the music I believe that we will see “Armin Only” classified as one of the best to hit NYC in 2014. Tickets are still available for “Armin Only” at MSG, we highly recommend that you grab yours now to secure your spot for this incredible night!

Tickets: “Armin Only: Intense” at Madison Square Garden [NYC]

“Enjoy The Ride (The Remixes)” by Krewella

krewella enjoy the ride remixes armin van buuren viceton

Krewella is out with 2 remixes to their original track “Enjoy The Ride.” Armin Van Buuren and Vicetone are the names you’ll see on the bill for the official remixes. Armin, of course, never lets anyone down. Armin is able to take a fast paced approach at the trance BPM (134) and kills it with the melody. The melody makes its first appearance mid-build and becomes way more trance-y for the main segment of the track.

On the other hand, Vicetone diverts from their usual methods of having a progressive melody to a more build/drop type feel. I’m not sure how I entirely feel about this move, but I’m sure Vicetone fans will eat up this remix. Definitely something new being brought to the table here.

Release Date: March 3, 2014 | Beatport

Mixtape: Me & My Headphones (Vol. VIII)


This weekend is another one of those where I really don’t have any specific preference. I myself listen to everything so that’s what you’re gonna get when you go through the songs below. From everything from Daft Punk mash-ups to simple submissions I’ve gotten over the past weeks, you’ll find a summary of all the music we like to post on this site. Thank you guys for your continued support. Put the pedal to the metal and put in work this weekend.

“Siren (Armin van Buuren Remix)” by Kat Krazy Ft. Elkka

Armin van Buuren has always been one of my favorite DJ’s. He is definitely responsible for introducing me to trance music way back when, and I cant say he’s ever disappointed since then. I’m sure most of you have heard this hit song by Kat Krazy, but Armin took it to a whole other level. This track is featured on his A State of Trance Year Mix 2013, along with Andrew Rayel & Jwaydan’s “Until The End” that I recently posted. Check out the album if you haven’t already, it’s unreal.

‘Armin Only: Intense’ Press/Fan Event (NYC-Dec. 12th, 2013)

2013-12-13 27.5 w. Watermark

On Friday, December 13th we had the privilege of attending the New York City press event for Armin Van Buuren’s “Armin Only: Intense” tour. The production event will be stoping at the worlds most famous arena ‘Madison Square Garden’ on April 11th, 2014. We arrived to ‘The Baroness Bar’ in Long Island City around 3:30PM to find a crowd gathered in front of this small bar that didn’t seem like a fitting spot to host the former #1 DJ in the world. We talked to a first few fans in line who told us how they had arrived at 5AM in order to secure their spot to meet Armin, note the temperature in New York that day was a blistering 20-30 degrees. In total there were about 150-300 fans packed inside this small Long Island City bar hoping to get a chance to meet Armin.

The event was scheduled to start around 4PM but didn’t end up starting until about 6PM, due to the brutal NYC rush hour traffic coming from his previous obligation at SiriusXM studios. After a few false alarms and a few technical difficulties, Armin finally took to the microphone to a huge cheer from the crowd on hand and got the event started. He discussed how “Armin Only: Intense” would merge the art of theater with Electronic Dance Music for an experience like nothing we have seen before. The show would feature 6 incredibly talented vocalists (Cindy Alma, Fiora Cutler, Trevor Guthrie, Lauren Evans, Richard Bedford & Laura Jansen) and also “Bagga Bownz” a live band that features Armin’s brother Eller on guitar. We then took  a few minutes to watch a video that gave the audience a real feel for what exactly this tour experience would be like when it touches down in New York City this April. Armin then took questions from select members of the media, our favorite question came from our friends at Electronica Oasis. They asked his thoughts on playing sets of different lengths, to which Armin shared that he believes a set shouldn’t always range from 1-1.5 hours because the longer set allows for fans to really go on a journey dictated by the music. After the questions Armin headed to the front of the venue to meet and take a picture with all who came out to see him.

Armin Only: Intense NYC Press/Fan Event [Pictures]

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