Event: Future Music Festival [Touring Austrailia – Summer 2015]

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Now before you get mad that I’m covering an event all the way across the Pacific, chill. It’s all relative and who knows, maybe you’re planning to go abroad or just saying fuck it and end up over there next summer. Basically, if you are ‘down under’. Go to one of these shows. And that’s the part that’s unique; this festival tours nationwide!

Future Music Festival landed tons of great names for the first round of their line-up release. Not only are there some great headliners, but I think the gems are in the smaller print. Artists like Gorgon City, Klingande, and Robin Schulz should be a treat to see. Obviously Australia is going to swarm to these shows to see Drake for the first time but for just a piece of their line-up, this is pretty impressive.

Lots of love to the native artists too. Make sure to skim their website for all the info such as dates and locations. Watch the announcement video here.

Tickets On Sale October 30th

Previews & News from Calvin Harris, Avicii, Hardwell, David Guetta, & W&W

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A lot of news recently but I thought it would be best treated to put them all together. Out of all these previews and snippets we’ve got, the biggest news is what Mr. Harris released earlier on Facebook today. Looks like his Motion album that’s coming out Nov. 4th will have some major features like Ellie Goulding, Big Sean, Gwen Stefani, Firebeatz, Tinashe, and more. Check out the post here.

We also got previews from new tracks with Avicii, Hardwell, & David Guetta. Preview them all down below! Cool picture of the EDM squad above.

#TBTT : ”Seek Bromance” by Tim Berg AKA Avicii

Avicii has become a prominent figure in electronic music news this summer for everything but his music. The Swedish DJ and producer has been in the middle of controversy due to the high number of hospitalizations at his shows. This, along side his drastic change in style, has drifted many fans away from his music. He also cancelled all his upcoming shows due to illness but whether you like him or not, you cannot disagree with the fact that he has always been an interesting, but most importantly, different producer.

Release Date: October 17, 2010

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Video: “Wake Me Up (Sam Meador Cover)” by Avicii

I came across something pretty interesting, while combing through the internet today. “Wake Me Up,” since its premiere at Ultra Music Festival 2014, has undoubtedly been one of the biggest tracks within the last couple of years. This is especially evident in the dance music scene.

Avicii created this track to differentiate himself from the overdone formula that plagued and currently plagues the dance music scene. This differentiation is definitely something Sam Meador, a member of the Black Metal Band, Xanthochroid, and adds his twist to the track. He also brings in an acoustic guitar to accompany his cover. Unlike his usual style, he takes it a step farther by going out of his own comfort zone (He’s most likely trained classically, but his usual style is Black Metal). Anyways, Sam Meador utilizes all elements of the guitar. Not only for the melody but for the percussion elements as well. Huge props on this cover.

Buy “Wake Me Up (Sam Meador Cover)” Here

Video:”Lay Me Down” by Avicii

Here’s the video for “Lay Me Down”; one of Avicii‘s many hits from his True album. With this song especially, you can really hear the live instrumentation along with Adam Lambert’s voice. Nile Rodgers, the man who worked on R.A.M. with Daft Punk, is probably one of the brains behind the guitar in the song but he was also one of the writers. The song is definitely a mood booster and the video contains some pretty amazing live footage from his shows. He also went back about two months ago and remixed all the songs from his album. You can check those out here. Hope he’s doing okay. Prayers up for Avicii!

True by Avicii on iTunes

Event: Deadmau5 takes over for Avicii again @ XS Nightclub in Las Vegas


As you all know, Avicii has had some medical complications over the past few weeks and had to be rushed to the hospital about a day before he was set to perform at Ultra Music Festival. Prays up for Avicii and we hope he gets well soon. Because of his long road to recovery, he again had to cancel two more shows at the famous XS Nightclub in Las Vegas on April 18th and April 25th. The club is baller by the way and is probably one of the biggest party scenes in the world and is a hub for commercial EDM. So who would XS think to replace Avicii? Yah, the Mau5. Deadmau5 has been confirmed to fill in for Avicii’s April 25th date and Zedd will take over on the 18th as well. I expect the night to be filled with more trolling and hopefully some new material as Joel has been hard at work. Last November he surprised the crowd with an epic performance before headliner Wolfgang Gartner but otherwise has been pretty quiet when it comes to Vegas. While some are pretty upset with his shenanigans at Ultra, there’s no doubt that fans will be lining up out the door to see the genius at work. He will also be playing the next day at the Encore Beach Club. I should really move to Vegas.

If you want to hear more about what Joel has been up to. Hit the jump and find out…

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Mixtape: Me & My Headphones (Vol. IV)


This edition I just put together some of the tunes I’m listening to now and some of the awesome submissions that we’ve been getting over the past week. All the remixes are pretty solid and worth the listen. The remixes of “Stay The Night” and “Counting Stars” stood out and the bootleg of “Animals” and “New Scene” by STOGS I thought worked really well. Gets a little slower towards the end as I had to add some hip hop but if you’re throwing a party or somethin’ the Ultra Mix has everything. Enjoy the weekend guys! If anyone is interested in writing for us just hit up our contacts and send us a message.