Bacardí Triangle: Win a Trip to Mysterious Party in the Bermuda Triangle for Halloween

This Halloween, you could be partying in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle with up to three of your friends watching some of the best artists perform in what is supposed to be a party of biblical proportions. All I can figure out right now is that you go to their Pandora station and then somehow enter…

Bacardí will fly out almost 2,000 applicants in 3 jumbo jets to party from October 30th to November 2nd. Winners will stay in the Waldorf Astoria El Conquistador resort in Puerto Rico and will enjoy poolside and beach parties with musical guests selected by Bacardí. On the final night, winners will o to this mysterious island somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle (illuminati) and I believe see Kendrick, Goulding, & Calvin Harris.

That’s all for now but we’ll definitely keep you updated on how to win your spot for this awesome opportunity!

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Video: “Blame” by Calvin Harris & John Newman

Here’s the latest from Calvin Harris. I thought this release sounded a lot better than “C.U.B.A.” but that’s just me. Definitely two very different styles. This one takes a new unexpected turn but the song is on point. John Newman supplies the vocals instead of Calvin but both of them together would’ve been interesting. All of these will be off his fourth studio album but we don’t know too much about it yet.

Release Date: September 7th, 2014  |  iTunes

“C.U.B.A” by Calvin Harris

calvin harris c.u.b.a

Calvin Harris is making massive moves with his newest release “C.U.B.A.” For all of Calvin Harris’ fans that are expecting a more pop-influenced track, this isn’t for you. After skimming a ton of SoundCloud comments, it seems that the thoughts on this track are split. Some people are loving this new sound, while others “want the old Calvin back.”

This new sound is something that Calvin Harris has been hinting at for a while now. Since the release of his most recent album, “18 Months,” Calvin Harris has been stating that his newest sounds are nothing like his older albums. I don’t know if Calvin Harris will be continuing sounds like “C.U.B.A,” but I definitely like the change. The change shows the progression and growth of an artist. I doubt Calvin Harris will completely ditch his pop-producing efforts, but diversifying his repertoire is something that I think is inevitable. “C.U.B.A” features big room sounds with an Asian-influenced synth sound. The style also seems to be Asian-influenced. Can’t wait for Cavin Harris’ future releases!

Release Date: TBA

“Summer (Diplo & Grandtheft Remix)” By Calvin Harris

calvin harris summer diplo grandtheft

Diplo & Grantheft are at it again with another remix. The two talented producers know how to put their own style on a track. They’ve done it before with their trap remix of Calvin Harris’s “Sweet Nothing” and now this “Summer” remix lives up to what we’ve been waiting for. It brings the trap bass and provides three hard drops throughout the song along with Calvin’s catchy vocals. This song is massive!

If you haven’t heard the remix, here it is. Diplo continues to provide us with new music and he is not disappointing.  Stay on the lookout for more Grandtheft music as he is on the rise and touring worldwide this summer!

Release Date: June 20, 2014 | iTunes

Mixtape: “Me & My Headphones (Vol. XIX)” by Various Artists

CD in Pool - Good Music -

Back with another edition of Me & My Headphones, right now I’m combing the internet for new songs for you guys. We’ve done a pretty good job with coverage this week and I haven’t gotten too many submissions so we’ll see what I find. A lot of new music coming out soon, especially in the hip hop world. For all you EDM fans, all I can think about is deadmau5′ new album. He wouldn’t even preview it for Dillon Francis & Skrillex in the car with him the other day. Been a pretty decent summer so far. Let’s keep it up. – PTB

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“Summer (Elephante Remix)” by Calvin Harris

I’ve really been warming up to this song lately especially with the release of the video. Thanks to Elephante, the love continues as he just released this bomb remix that I immediately liked from the start. Add this one to the playlist for the summer and let the good vibes run through you. Elephante does it again! Little update on the bio of Elephante. He got his name from when he was at his corporate job, the “elephant in the room” was that he always wanted to quit his job and make music. He made the right choice. Free download too, what a champ.

Mixtape: “Me & My Headphones (Vol. XVII)” by Various Artists

Beats by Dre -

Speaking of headphones, congratulations to Dr. Dre on becoming hip hop’s first billionaire by selling his brand Beats by Dre to Apple for 3.2 billion I think it was. You gotta watch this video of him and Tyrese celebrating. Anyways, all of you out there should be celebrating too because 1)  Dr. Dre finally did it  2)  It’s almost summer  3)  and a lot of us are finally finishing up with exams. Here are some tunes I thought went well with the occasions. Hope you guys enjoy and stay into trouble.