“What’s Your Name” by Dillon Francis & Calvin Harris

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Our favorite Taco Bell spokesman is out with another track to hype up his mixtape release, and he’s brought along a friend for the ride. And, that friend is the one and only Calvin Harris.

Although Calvin has been known to produce more pop-influenced dance tracks, Dillon Francis was able to coax a more underground sound out of him. For some, this might bring back memories of the old Calvin Harris. “What’s Your Name” is for sure a high-energy track, and as Dillon Francis enlists more stars to help spread the good word of the Moombahton sound, the genre’s boundaries only get pushed farther. “This Mixtape Is Fire” will officially release tomorrow (August 14).

“Outside (Matt Baer Remix)” by Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding


Let me introduce you to Matt Baer, a 22 year old producer from New York. Matt has been playing and making music since receiving his first guitar at the age of 12. For the first 9 years he focused solely on writing and producing pop and rock songs. In 2012 Matt Baer made the transition to producing Electronic Dance Music. Baer feels that his two biggest inspirations in music are Avenged Sevenfold for their musical complexity and technical skills, and Alesso due to the euphoric vibes that his music gives off. [Read more…]

What We Need From 2015 EDM

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Back in December, our very own Ella Santi wrote a small piece about the Rise of EDM and if it could survive the coming years. A little over a month into 2015, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered about the music that brings us together.  Will it be another amazing year? Will the music continue this massive upward trend of popularity and growth? What will change? What will stay the same?

Lots to think about. We’ve got the latest on what’s to come in the new year after the jump. Find out not what we want, but what we need from 2015 EDM.

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“Somebody Loves Summer” by Titus Jones


3 years ago today, we lost one of pop music’s best selling music artists of all time, and to honor her memory we’d like to present Titus Jone’s mashup that features the one and only – Whitney Houston.

Jones did a stellar job with this mashup. Who would’ve ever thought that Betty Who and Houston can be held down by a mainstream beat?

It’s true. We all want somebody to dance with, so grab a friend or two, and shake that tail of yours.

Release Date: June 17th, 2014

Calvin Harris Will Have A Role In The Entourage Movie [Updated 12/23]

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Calvin Harris has added more clues to his role in Entourage. For those unfamiliar with Entourage, Entourage is a fictional, HBO television show that follows the life of Vincent Chase, a character loosely based on Mark Wahlberg. After the end of the television series, an Entourage movie was announced; and since then, Entourage fans have been waiting for more details of the release.

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Video: “Open Wide” by Calvin Harris ft. Big Sean

Ever find yourself watching a Calvin Harris music video and just wondering ‘what the fuck is going on’? Yah, every video. But we can’t complain cuz the songs are always good. “Open Wide” is another high-tempo dance track infiltrated with Big Sean’s lyrics about break ups. Looks like he’s still salt.

With only a week left until Motion is released, Calvin Harris casually sits and watches as everything unfolds in this video and in real life. This album is shaping up to be something crazy.

Release Date: November 4th, 2014

“Outside” by Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding

Calvin Harris blessed us again with another crazy release. Kind of scared he’ll release the entire album at this rate. There’s already at least five or so singles out with “Under Control”, “Summer”, “Blame”, “Burnin'”, and the latest, “Slow Acid”. His last album seemed to have some hidden gems so we’ll see what he leaves us with.

“I Need Your Love” brought these two together and seemed flawless to the world. But do these two songs sound too similar? Album is released on November 4th and should be impressive. Until then, here’s “Outside”!

Release Date: October 20th, 2014  |  iTunes