“Complete Control” by Royal

There isn’t much to say about this tune other than it is an awesome sample, and the same one used by Datsik in his song “Complete Control”. With a much chiller vibe than Datsik, Royal does an awesome job turning this sample into a great piece of music. Be sure to check out some more of his stuff on his soundcloud.

Festival Preview: Buku Music And Art Project (3/8-3/9) @ New Orleans, LA


Tomorrow marks the first day of Buku Music and Art Project in New Orleans, LA. Premiered in 2012 by Winter Circle Productions, the Buku Music + Art Project has established itself as the premier progressive music and arts festival in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region. For those tired of the mega-festival and wanting an intimate setting with close stage views and clear/loud audio, BUKU fills that void. The line up this year is pretty dope, check after the jump for artist previews and the schedule.

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“Fully Blown (AudioControl Remix)” by Datsik

I know the last thing you guys wanna hear is some random producers remix of a song but this remix is worth your time to check out. This kid is a junior in high school and definitely has a bright future in production ahead of him. He has been sending me his stuff since he started producing and I can tell you he has gotten exponentially better, originally his stuff lacked “womp” if you may, but that has clearly changed. He just started producing music and using Logic about 8-9 months ago and he was able to produce this, if I were you I would keep a tab on this kid because he is going to be doing big things in the future.