Festival Preview: Buku Music And Art Project (3/8-3/9) @ New Orleans, LA


Tomorrow marks the first day of Buku Music and Art Project in New Orleans, LA. Premiered in 2012 by Winter Circle Productions, the Buku Music + Art Project has established itself as the premier progressive music and arts festival in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast region. For those tired of the mega-festival and wanting an intimate setting with close stage views and clear/loud audio, BUKU fills that void. The line up this year is pretty dope, check after the jump for artist previews and the schedule.

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“Fully Blown (AudioControl Remix)” by Datsik

I know the last thing you guys wanna hear is some random producers remix of a song but this remix is worth your time to check out. This kid is a junior in high school and definitely has a bright future in production ahead of him. He has been sending me his stuff since he started producing and I can tell you he has gotten exponentially better, originally his stuff lacked “womp” if you may, but that has clearly changed. He just started producing music and using Logic about 8-9 months ago and he was able to produce this, if I were you I would keep a tab on this kid because he is going to be doing big things in the future.