“Soundclash” by Flosstradamus & TroyBoi

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Chicago natives Flosstradamus have teamed up with South London’s TroyBoi for a funky new track entitled “SoundClash.” Diverting from the usual heavy trap sounds, the three producers shows us how far the boundaries of trap can be pushed.

Currently, Flosstradamus is going strong on their FLOSSVEGAS party at Surrender Las Vegas. The duo have also been announced for upcoming festivals such as BUKU Music & Art Project and Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival.

Release Date: February 10, 2015 | iTunes

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“TTU (Crystalize Remix)” by Flosstradamus ft. Waka Flocka Flame

Being a huge HDYBY, I scrutinize any and all remixes of a Floss song because if it’s not filthy, then what’s the point? You have to either top or match the trap kings filth level. This one… that came outta nowhere; that drop is just huge. This remix comes to us from Canada native Crystalize, who will trailblaze a path to greatness if he keeps dropping this quality trap. Keep going man, I wanna see more from you.

“Moshpit (XCVII97 Rework)” by Flosstradamus ft. Casino

xcvII97I’ve got some new heat for you guys. You may be saying “Oh no, not another Moshpit remix”, and I understand where you’re coming from. Moshpit has gotten countless remixes from a number of producers, but this one just stands out to me. To top it off, this comes from *XCVII97, straight up newcomer on the scene with under 100 followers on Soundcloud. Don’t let that number discourage you from checking him out and following him though. With the quality stuff he has on his page, like his “Bricks” remix, I’m sure he’ll be turning plenty of heads. I’m putting you guys on, keep up with this guy!

“God’s Whisper (Flosstradamus & Aryay Remix)” by Raury

raury god's whisper flosstradamus aryay pumpthebeat.com

Seems like Flosstradamus and Aryay have been taking notes from Flume. Both artists throw down hard when it comes to trap mixes. That’s their specialty. But now with these new sweeps, the game has changed.

Flosstradamus is getting ready for their #HDYNATIONTOUR and will travel all across the U.S. If you’re interested in seeing them live, tour dates will be included below.

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Event: Mad Decent Block Party @ Fort York Garrison Common, Toronto (Aug.15)


On August 15th, The Mad Decent Block Party Tour stopped in Toronto, which is arguably the Canadian equivalent to New York. This is a homecoming of sorts, as the majority of the lineup set the foundation for their careers, right here in the 416. As a Toronto native, you almost felt obligated to go, regardless of how involved you are/have been within in your regional scene. 

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Video: “Rebound” by Flosstradamus ft. Elkka

Chill trap anyone? Flosstradamus takes the lead on combining the ambient, chill synths and sounds that everyone’s going crazy over. And yes, they definitely do it right. Infusing both trap elements and more ambient sounds creates a “deep trap” sound…If that’s a genre that’s possible.

A ton of artists have been experimenting with ambient trap sounds for a while now but having leaders of the trap genre follow suit is huge. For many, this sound may be all too familiar, and for others, this sound may be a little newer and different. The addition Elkka’s vocals further engulfs you in the “Rebound” journey.

“Drop Top” by Flosstradamus ft. Travis Porter

Anytime Flosstradamus announces that they are releasing a new song, everyone goes wild. It is just a fact, they are two of the best trap producers in the game, which makes sense because Curt and Josh have been in the hip-hop/trap game since 2006. This song is an example of why Trap fans around the world bow down to Flosstradamus. Combine them with the mind of Travis Porter and you are in for a fun ride. Their newest song “Drop Top” could prove to be their biggest production yet, although it will have to outshine their “Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix)” which is still known as one of the greatest Trap anthems of all time. This is trap at its best, they do not try and do too much, they just take a fire idea and execute it perfectly. Enough of me talking about the song though, give it a listen for yourself…..